Leather Pen Cases

The Galen Leather range of Handmade Leather Pen Cases include single, double or triple slot cases, and zippered pen cases to hold multiple pens. 

Best Seller of the Leather Pen Cases

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Our fountain pen cases are a great way to protect your valuable pens, such as fountain pens, from leaking everywhere, or getting lost in your bag or jacket pocket.

Made from quality vegetable-tanned leather and hand-stitched with waxed polyamide thread, the quality is second to none. As avid collectors of Fountain Pens and vintage stationery, we take pens seriously here. There's no better way to show off your precious pen collection than with a Galen Leather pen case or pen sleeve.

Leather Pen Pouches and Pencil Storage

Carrying your fountain pens around and fearing they might leak or get ruined shouldn't be something you have to think about. With the right leather pencil pouch or pen pouch, such thoughts will be a thing of the past.

Galen Leather create unique, vintage designs not only to impress, but with practicality in mind. If you've invested in high quality Montblanc or Fountain pens, it's important to have the perfect, yet stylish, storage space to keep them in top condition.

Whether you're heading to work, attending an important meeting, signing off on a new contract or closing a big sale, you want an easy, functional and stylish way to store your pens, pencils and other supplies. Our range of fountain pen travel cases provide you a various options to satisfy such needs.

Why should I get my pen case from Galen Leather?

Story - Behind The Collection

The leather pen case is one of the flagship collections in our product line. We add new items once a month or two to improve on existing models upon customer demand.