Tomoe River Notebooks

We still use old Tomoe River paper in our notebooks.

Japan is a nation famous for their intricate details and impeccable taste in design. It should come as no surprise then, that when it comes to stationery, they do it well. At Galen Leather, we're also lovers of the fine intricacies of high quality stationery which is why we're huge fans of Tomoe River paper (you can read us harping on about why we love Tomoe River paper here).

The Tomoe River Company is world renowned for producing some of the finest fountain pen friendly paper. We've teamed up to produce our stunning range of Tomoe River Notebooks. These make the perfect everyday book for note-taking at work, school or just general journaling. We've created several different sizes including B7, B6B5, A5, regularpocket size and passport size. Our jumbo A5 size 400 page blank notebook is perfect for creatives and avid writers.

Our Tomoe River Paper Notebooks compatible with the various sizes of our refillable leather journal covers and leather notebook covers.