Leather Journals

Whether you're a regular journaler or simply need somewhere to record your thoughts and ideas, a handmade leather journal or journal cover may be the perfect complimentary accessory to your writing practice. We handcraft and handstitched our leather journals in our Istanbul workshop, shipping them to loyal fans all over the world.

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Our range of leather journal covers come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. In these collections you'll find Leuchtturm1917, Rhodia, Moleskine, Field Notes and Composition Book Covers. They're made from 100% genuine vegetable tanned leather, locally sourced in Turkey. We're a small team of dedicated crafters who love the analogue world just as much as the digital. We hope to see you experiencing and enjoying the richness of the written word in your own way through our products.

Leather Bound Journals: A Beautifully Crafted Place to Collect Thoughts

Leather bound journals look amazing, ooze upscale charm, and are perfect for plenty of writing purposes.

Our selection of leather journals provides the best balance of aesthetic appeal and compositional convenience. From the avid traveler to the busy professional, people from all walks of life can benefit from our stunning inventory of leather notebooks and journals. 

Find the Perfect Leather Journal for Any Need

Our custom leather journals come in many forms, and each offers something special. Each journal can be personalized with up to 3 initials. Here are just a couple of the types of journals we offer.

Leather Bound Journal

Crafted with high-end tanned leather in our very local Turkish workshop, each leather bound journal we create brings with it a classy, upscale look. While the digital age has many people content gathering their thoughts at a computer, there’s something special about sitting down to journal on paper.

Not only does it offer the intimate feeling of flipping through pages, but it requires a writer to be more thoughtful, as there’s no backspace. Luckily, anyone worried about running out of paper can invest in a refillable leather journal to collect hundreds or even thousands of thoughts throughout the years.

Zipped Leather Portfolio

If a leather notebook doesn’t seem like enough for the task at hand, consider investing in an option like the zipped leather portfolio. This handy option provides plenty of space for pens and pencils, phone or tablet chargers, payment and identification cards, and much more.

For the busy individual who has multiple tasks on their agenda and needs to keep various important items in one place, this is an option to consider.

A Perfect Fit for All Walks of Life

Whether it’s in a glove box, a backpack, or a briefcase, a stylish journal can be a perfect fit almost anywhere. See who all can benefit from our impressive line of notebooks and journals:

The Student

Class schedules, assignment lists, important events – students have tons of important information to keep up with. A journal can be very handy for writing things down quickly, and they’re also very light and easy to carry around.

The Professional

Another person who knows a lot about staying busy is the working professional. From corporate CEOs to self-employed entrepreneurs, every professional has plenty to keep up with. Think about how handy it is to have a small but stylish notebook within arm’s reach at all times. Between jotting down ideas about future products or services to making sure client appointments are never forgotten, leather notebooks and portfolios can be a handy accessory for any working professional.

The Traveler

There’s nothing quite like seeing the world. Those initial thoughts that flood into our heads upon first seeing a new place or experiencing a different culture should be treasured. Anyone can keep memories forever by writing them down in a stylish leather traveler’s notebook for safekeeping.

Get a Stylish and Handy Leather Journal Today

By combining the luxurious look of leather and the convenience of a small notebook, our line of handy products make it easy for you to look stylish and collect your thoughts whether you’re working, studying, or seeing the world.

Ready to add a leather journal to your travel bag, or a zipped portfolio to your briefcase? Galen Leather gives you a wide array of journals to choose from, plus pen cases, stationary tools, and much more.

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