JoWo Replacement Nibs

Replacement nibs for our fountain pens. JoWo is a nib manufacturer, who produces nibs for pen manufacturers.

JoWo Nibs Size #6

The history of JoWo nibs dates back to 1852. The company began as the first German manufacturer of steel nibs and today is behind some of the best fountain pen brands in the world. JoWo nibs official web site is

You can purchase the JoWo nib unit to replace your current nib on your Galen pen. Also, number #6 nibs are compatible with other brands. Many pen makers use JoWo nibs.

JoWo #6 nib is the most preferred and common nib. Size #6 means that the nib unit's feed is 6 millimeters in diameter. Size #5 means the feed is 5 millimeters in diameter. 


+ What Is A Jowo Nib?
JoWo is a nib brand, produces fountain pen nibs for welll-known brands. Pen manufacturers take raw nibs from JoWo, make adjustments to their specifications, and add their own logos on it.
+ Who Makes Jowo Nibs?
JoWo Berliner Schreibfeder GmbH makes JoWo nibs in Berlin factory.
+ Which Brands Use Jowo Nibs to Make Pens?
Montegrappa, Esterbrook, Conklin, TWSBI, Leonardo Officina, Gioia, Edison, Franklin Christoph, Opus 88, and Kaweco, Goulet, Goldspot.
+ Where To Buy Jowo Nibs?
You can buy Jowo replacemnt nibs from our online store.
+ Where Are Jowo Nibs Made?
JoWo nibs are made in Berlin / Germany.
+ Are Bock And Jowo Nibs Interchangeable?
Jowo and Bock nibs (only the metal nib) in same size are interchangeable. But the nib units are not due to different housings.
+ Are Jowo And Schdmit Nibs Interchangeable?
Jowo And Schdmit nibs (only the metal nib) in same size are interchangeable.
+ Are Jowo Nibs Good?
JoWo nibs are good as they are used by many major manufacturers and have good quality control. Especially gold nibs are used in many high-end pens.
+ What are the Jowo Nib Sizes?
EF, F, M, B, 1.1 and Flex.
+ What Is the Jowo nibs #8?
#8 is the biggest nib unit in JoWo line. Usually used for oversized pens.
+ Can I purchase Jowo nibs bulk?
Yes if you are a pen maker you can get Jowo nibs in bulk. Please contact us via contact page.
+ What is the difference between jowo vs bock nibs?
They are very similar in design and size. Many people can't even tell the difference. Overall Jowo nibs are slightly more wet and pliable, although they offer similar writing comfort.