Traveler's Notebooks Covers

Do you love to keep a travel journal to record all your precious memories from the road? Now you can keep your journal safe and secure with our Handmade Leather Traveler's Notebook Covers.

Personalize your own cover with a choice of leather color, brass charms and different sizes. You can complete your traveler's notebook with inserts, notebook refills, wallet insert and brass accessories.

If you're not sure about the right size for your notebook, you can visit our traveler's notebook sizes page to help you determine which size best fits your needs. One of our most popular sizes is the A5 Traveler's Notebook that fits 2 Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks.

What is a Traveler's Notebook Journaling System?

A leather traveler's notebook is the perfect way to contain your travel journals. Our personalized leather covers use an internal elastic to hold your journals in place. It is a simple, stylish and minimalist planner system to keep your journals organized and protected.

How to Make a Great Traveler's Notebook Setup?

We offer several tailor-made options so you can create a personalized traveler's notebook planner of your own.

Below are the steps to create a custom-made journal.

  1. Decide the right size that suits your needs. Our covers for your personalized traveler's notebook set up vary from the smallest passport size to pocket, A6 and personal A5 size. If you are not sure, please check out our helpful size guide.
  2. If you already have a notebook like a Hobonichi, Moleskine or an LT1917 A5 Bullet Journal, and if you want to insert your notebook into our personalized traveler's notebook cover, double check the dimensions of our covers to make sure they will fit.
  3. After deciding the correct size,  you will be able to choose a traveler's notebook elastic color from our color chart on the product page.
  4. You can create a classic journal style by adding hand stitching option.
  5. Normally, our covers fit four refills. You will need to know the exact size or your traveler's notebook insert to make sure it's compatible with your cover size.

These steps are necessary to make sure you get the right fitting handmade leather journal cover. If you want to personalize your leather journal, you can choose some traveler's notebook accessories from our wide range of options.

Personalized Traveler's Notebook Accessories

  • The traveler's notebook charm is an accessory made of solid brass and can be added to the internal elastic by two holes. It's available in 30 different designs.
  • A handmade leather tag for a traveler's notebook is a piece of leather embossed with calligraphic motivational quotes.
  • With a traveler's notebook wallet insert, you can add more functionality to your journal. It provides additional pockets, zipper compartments and cardholders for all your other travel necessities.
  • The last step of creating a truly custom traveler's notebook is by adding your embossed initials to the cover. You can select this option on the product page.
  • If you want to add an extra piece of decoration to your analog journaling system, you can choose from our variety of brass accessories such as a Brass Ruler, Paper Clips, Binder Clip, and Monkey's First Bookmark.

Traveler's Notebook for Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is a simple way of planning your life, in a way that is completely customized for you. The options are so plentiful. Traveler’s notebook is a simple leather book-like cover that holds multiple notebooks or inserts with elastic bands. Not only do you need to choose a cover, but there are a plethora of accessories, different inserts/notebooks, different sizes, charms, folders… the list goes on! You can use leather Traveler’s notebooks to keep your bullet journals. The most popular Traveler’s notebook size for bullet journal is A5 size.

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