B6 Notebooks

B6 Notebooks are the perfect size for those who are looking for something a little more compact yet refined and professional. Choose from ruled, plain or grid paper in a variety of journal, notebook and notepad styles.

Looking for a smaller or larger notebook that's got plenty of space for your next great idea? Learn about picking the perfect sized notebook and shop more journal sizes below:

Whether you’re looking for a B6 notepad to keep track of your endless to-do list, to jot down your next great idea, or to take notes in meetings, we have an option that will work for you.

We’ve created a line of B6 journals that reflect your individuality. We want you to be excited about writing in your B6 Stalogy wherever you are.

The B6 slim size notebook is a great option because it’s small, versatile, and easy to take with you on the go. To make it even better, we’ve also created a variety of options so that you can choose if you’d like your notebook pages to be lined, dotted, or blank.

When creating the perfect B6 journal, we were sure to keep the type of pen you may choose to use in mind. For this reason, we’ve opted for paper options that accommodate fountain pens. We know that if you value a fine notebook, you probably value a fine pen too—and we wanted to ensure that our journals accommodated your fine taste.

Once you’re confident in size, you can browse our collection of B6 journals to find one that catches your eye. After you’ve chosen a notebook, we recommend looking at our B6 size folios to see if there’s a case that will match your new B6 notebook well.