Leather Tote Bags

Take a look at our brand new collection of vintage leather tote bags in an iconic design unique to Galen Leather. We created this collection directly from customer demand, so we hope you fall in love with these carry bags as much as we have loved designing and handcrafting them!

Handmade Leather Tote Handbags

At some point in life, every woman encounters this dilemma--finding the perfect tote handbag that's stylish, versatile, durable and functional. When it comes to carrying  your daily essentials, the easiest solution is to have a bag that can easily be matched with almost any outfit. Bags that you find in most commercial stores are generally too big, too small or made with less than ideal materials. They simply don't have that 'wow' factor. In an ideal world, you want something that's going to be an ideal size, high quality and makes a bold statement like, 'hey look, this lady has style!' Enter our handmade leather tote bags.

Our tote bag has a single basket that you can use to store larger items. We've included smaller slots for holding individual pens, pencils and small tools that you may need to easily access as you go about your day. Furthermore, there are also pockets for notebooks and other items and a handy strap to add your favorite wallet or keychain.

You can also keep your personal belongings organized using our leather pouches. We've done this intentionally to avoid the hassle of rummaging through your bag for those smaller items you frequently need to use several times a day. If you're anything like us, our number one pet-peeve is not being able to locate the car keys when you're in a rush! You also have the option for handheld straps. If you're looking for a satchel style bag, we make a popular leather messenger bag.

High Quality Leather

These bags are made from high quality, 100% vegetable tanned cow leather in either a beautiful, natural brown or a deep green. The quality of these materials is second to none and will guarantee a long lasting accessory that will age gracefully. This large bag is completely hand-stitched, making for an even more durable bag. The magnetic closure will also help you keep everything stored securely. All you're going to have to do is figure out which bag you like best and where you're going to take it next!

While we know you will love the handmade features of these bags, you can take it one step further and personalize to create a sleek and stylish piece you will be proud to show-off in public. This added freedom to personalize means these bags are a great gift idea.


16” x 12” x 5” | 12" handle drop to the top of bag | 2 lbs

40  x 30  x 13  cm | 28cm handle drop to top of bag | 0.9 Kg

The large tote bag is great size for those who love to carry their life in their bag! It's small enough for everyday use but large enough to handle all the extras. Able to fit a 13” MacBook plus a water bottle, makeup bag, and even your sweater.