24 Leather Gift Ideas for Your Third Wedding Anniversary

by Galen Leather April 04, 2023 1 Comment

Leather Gift Ideas for Your Third Wedding Anniversary As Indicated By Our Tests

It's now three years since you said I do to the love of your life. You've had your ups and downs, but despite it all, your love is stronger than ever. So, what do you get your spouse for your third wedding anniversary?

The third anniversary is typically a measure of a marriage's beauty, flexibility, and resilience. This automatically makes leather the perfect third-anniversary gift for your spouse.

Best Leather Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Like your love, leather is beautiful, strong, flexible, and long-lasting. So, if you've been wondering what to get your spouse for your 3rd wedding anniversary, here are the best anniversary leather gift ideas to get the ball rolling on your special day that our team discovered through using these products.

1. Personalized Handmade Leather Wallet

handmade leather wallet

joojoobs.com - $49.99

Handmade with premium distressed leather, this leather wallet is the ideal way to help your husband keep his credit cards, driver's ID, and cash organized. It's soft and sleek and available in dark brown and natural tan hues. Add a touch of love to it by having it personalized with a sweet 3rd-anniversary message today.

2. Apple Watch Strap – English Tan

leather apple watch strap

popovleather.com - $49.00

Apple sure makes fantastic watches, but the straps not so much. Help your spouse ditch the ubiquitous rubber strap on Apple watches and replace it with this stunning yet comfortable leather strap. Available in matte black and stylish nickel hardware, this is a simple but perfect 3rd-anniversary gift that will add a dash of sophistication to your partner's outfits.

3. Leather Passport Holder

leather passport holder

portlandleathergoods.com - $25.00

Is your spouse always in between flights? This leather passport holder is just the ideal way to help them keep their passport from getting irritating dog ears. It holds up to eight credit cards, cash, and even essential travel papers.

4. Bourbon Creek Backpack

leather BACKPACK

jacksonwayne.com - $299.00

Like you and your love, a bottle of bourbon and an outdoor adventure is a match made in heaven. Add style to your significant other's next outdoor adventure with this rugged leather bourbon backpack as a 3rd-anniversary gift. It is handcrafted using the finest bridle leather, boasts exceptional versatility, and is visually pleasing.

5. Refillable Leather Wrap Notebook Cover

refillable leather notebook

galenleather.com - $39.00

A fancy, durable notebook that can be refilled is every writing lover’s dream, and if your spouse fits this category, this writer’s refillable leather notebook A5 will make an excellent 3rd anniversary gift. Made from top-grain leather and featuring a flap tie closure design, it will serve as the safe space they need to type away their thoughts and ideas quickly. As indicated by our tests, It is refillable, which means should they run out of pages, they can always create more.

6. The Novelist Leather Journal

leather journal

jennibick.com - $56.80

A perfect leather anniversary gift for that spouse who loves putting pen to paper, this beautiful chestnut novelist journal is 100% handmade. It is soft and features a flexible wraparound to keep their thoughts safely tucked away.

7. Leather Zippered A5 Notebook Folio

leather zip folio a5

galenleather.com - $119.00

Bound in soft leather and sporting a rustic look, this refillable notebook is the ideal way to help keep your spouse's everyday activities in check.

8. Leather Refillable Journal Tree of Life

tree of life journal

oberondesign.com - $61.50

A journal is already a perfect 3rd wedding anniversary gift for someone who likes to say "Dear Diary" every day. Add in an attractive tree of life handcrafted leather cover, and it automatically becomes an heirloom. Write a heartfelt 3rd-anniversary message inside it to make it extra special.

9. Gunnar Zippered Leather Duffle Bag

leather duffle bag

www.goforthgoods.com - $395.00

Does your wife constantly have you carry her lip gloss in your pocket only to ask for it five minutes later? Say no more! This leather folio is the perfect leather anniversary gift for her. It's big enough to hold her smartphone, passport, credit cards, pens, earphones, and even charging cable. At the same time, it is small enough to be handheld.

10. H+B Luggage Tag

leather luggage tag

handbuiltleather.com - $30.00

Tired of your spouse coming home with someone else’s luggage? Get them any of these durable H+B luggage tags as the 3rd wedding anniversary gift and make their checkout process a breeze.

11.  Toothpick Holder

leather toothpick holder

willleathergoods.com - $25.00

It is durable, rustic, small, and carries several toothpicks at a go. The best toothpick holder is an excellent item to add to your list of 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas if your spouse never leaves the house without a few toothpicks.

12. Brown Oak Bark Leather Belt

leather belt

tannerbates.co.uk - $49.99

For a classic 3rd anniversary gift he will use every day, this brown oak bark leather belt is the way to go. Hand-stitched from heavy 55m thick hide, it is simple, yet its rustic appearance will add a unique touch to his outfits of the day.

13. Toiletry Bag

leather dopp bag

lifetimeleather.com - $81.99

Tired of picking his grooming every day? This spill-proof, full-grain leather toiletry bag will be a blessing to both of you. It will help him keep his stuff organized and ensure he doesn’t forget anything on your next romantic getaway, and you’ll no longer have to pick his littered grooming stuff. Based on our firsthand experience, you can also have it personalized with up to 10 letters to add a touch of uniqueness.

14. Leather Keyring- Antique Tan

leather key holder

kingsleyleather.com - $25.70

If your spouse always misplaces their keys, then this leather keyring is the secret to ensuring they mind them more. It’s made from antique full-grain leather and available in brass or silver finishes. It is simple, durable, and it will encourage them to take care of their keys just like they take care of you.

15. The Port Wallet

leather card wallet

craftandlore.com - $55.00

Does your spouse hate having to carry their purse when stepping out for simple daily errands? Then this port wallet would make a perfect addition to 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for them. Cut and hand-stitched from saddle in North Idaho, the port wallet is a minimalist leather wallet with a few compartments perfect for carrying cash and a few credit cards. It’s unisex, so you can even get two.

16. Minimalist Standard Leather Satchel in Crazy Horse


colsenkeane.com - $695.00

Trends come and go, but satchels are here to stay. This minimalist, classic leather satchel will sure make one of the best leather wedding anniversary gifts you’ll get him this year.

Drawing from our experience, it sports a rugged design featuring chrome tanned cowhide leather, solid zinc alloy buckles, and copper rivets. It is compact yet roomy enough to accommodate a 15-inch MacBook Pro and a few of his favorite magazines. It’s stylish enough, but you can have his initials, date of birth, or the day you met monogrammed to add a touch of personality.

17. Medium Leather Zipper Pouch

leather zipper pouch

frankcleggleatherworks.com - $130.00

She may have multiple pouches at home, but ladies never say no to an extra one. Therefore, when you finally come across a high-quality one like this medium leather zipper pouch, do not hesitate to add it to your roundup of the best leather anniversary gifts for her.

It is perfect for everyday essentials, like her smartphone, charger, and credit cards, and it will also hold travel documents.

This leather pouch will add some style to her outfit thanks to its unique colors, such as chestnut, chocolate, and cognac. On days when functionality comes before style, it will serve as an extra compartment for larger bags.

18. Workman Wallet

workman wallet

tannergoods.com - $160.00

For the woman who craves functionality without sacrificing style, you cannot go wrong with the workman wallet. The workman wallet is made from 3.5oz, vegetable-tanned tooling leather for super durability, and a stunning light pink color. It has two pockets for cash, four card slots, and a zippered coin pocket so she can carry all necessary things without giving up style.

19. Leather Desk Pad

leather desk pad

galenleather.com - $69.00

Available in unique shades like forest green, crazy horse tan, natural, and navy blue, this leather desk pad is an ideal 3rd wedding anniversary gift for that spouse whose workdays involve being in the office all day long. After conducting experiments with it, these unique colors will add a stunning contrast to any office desk, and the pad is large enough to hold your spouse’s Mac and desktop essentials. It’s also textured perfectly to double up as a mouse pad. It will keep the desktop surface in good condition and add a unique touch to it.

20. Custom Leather Camera Strap

leather camera strap

etsy.com RSVPhandcrafted - $43.49

The standard strap included as part of the package when one buys a camera might get the job done. But it can turn out to be uncomfortable when we trialed this product, and as mentioned, “standard.” If your photography loving spouse still carries one around, then do not forget to add this custom leather camera strap to the list of leather wedding anniversary gifts you plan on getting them.

It has a premium vegetable-tanned leather construction and boasts an amazingly smooth finish for comfort. It’s durable and a sight to sore eyes thanks to the unique tree branches pattern. It’ll fit most of the canon, Nikon, and Panasonic’s camera models.

21. No. 471 Large Leather Valet Tray

leather valet tray

billykirk.com - $47.00

If you hate the sight of a cluttered desk or nightstand, but your spouse seems to have no problem with it, a valet tray is a subtle way to give him a hint and have him keep his stuff organized. After putting it to the test, this leather valet tray is big enough to keep his everyday essentials such as watches, car keys, driver’s license, and credit cards in sight without being scattered all over.

Made from full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, this valet tray is durable, functional, and a stylish way to keep his everyday gear easily accessible. It will also prevent his things from scratching or damaging your nightstand or his desk. It can be embossed at the center to make it unique to him and an even better 3rd wedding anniversary gift.

22. Leather Travel Chess Set

leather chess set

saddlebackleather.com - $49.99

They say chess is similar to bodybuilding – practice every day, and you’ll always be the pro in the room. If your significant other loves chess and enjoys traveling, this travel chess kit is the perfect way to combine their two top hobbies into one.

The chessboard is made from full-grain leather and rolls up into a cap with shoulder straps to be easy to carry on the fly.

It comes with three leather bags – the first two carry the dark and white chess pieces consecutively, while the third accommodates the leather checkers. This travel chess set is enough proof that just because they travel a lot, it doesn’t mean time away from the chessboard. Let chess come with them everywhere they go by getting them this set as a leather wedding anniversary gift.

23. Leather Sunglasses Case


etsy.com -PetkoLeathers $49.99

Your spouse already spends too much time and money on a “perfect pair of sunglasses,” don’t sit and watch as their expensive peepers get damaged because of a mediocre case. Get them this quality leather sunglass case as a 3rd wedding anniversary gift, and they will undoubtedly love you more. This leather sunglass case is available in cognac and natural shades.

It boasts a thick full-grain leather build durable enough to prevent your stunning shades from being crashed, yet stylish enough to carry around in their hand. It is treated with Renapur leather conditioner, and instead of aging, develops a striking patina with use. It is hand-sewn and is a sure way to help your spouse say goodbye to dust and scratches on their sunglasses.

24. Traveler’s Notebook Leather Cover- Crazy Horse Tan

traveler's notebook brown

galenleather.com - $29.00 +

To you, a traveler’s notebook might be just another regular notebook. But if you have a travel-obsessed partner, a traveler’s notebook is where they highlight the best and worst of their globetrotting adventures. It’s their safe space for expressing fun and disappointing encounters of life on the road.

So, even though we live in a digital world where they could quickly capture those moments with a smartphone, that one picture is not enough to express their vast imagination. For this reason, this traveler’s notebook cover needs to be at the top of your 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas. It is made of well-aged leather, features elastic bands, and seamlessly holds four to six of their traveler’s notebooks. It is a sure way to keep their little travel adventures and secrets safe from the world.

Mark Your Third Anniversary with the Best Leather Anniversary Gifts!

Every anniversary is special, but the 3rd wedding anniversary is more special because it symbolizes your marriage's durability. 

Browse our diverse selection of leather products for the perfect third-anniversary gift.

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