15 Unique Gifts for the Writers on Your List 

by Galen Leather February 08, 2023

gifts for writers

Buying just the right gift always takes some thinking and planning, no matter who you’re shopping for. But let’s face it – most writers are a different breed and live in their own interesting worlds. Getting the right gifts for writers doesn’t have to be difficult if you know where to shop. This article will guide you through some of the options you have and give you some ideas on finding exactly what your literary friend or loved one will cherish for years to come.

Best Gifts for Aspiring Writers

The early stages of being a writer are all about confidence. And nothing gives an aspiring writer confidence like the support of a trusted friend, family member, or caring editor. A thoughtful gift that can be used over and over - reminding the recipient that you are with them and wishing them success in a challenging endeavor - is the perfect touch. Drawing from our experience, here are some places to start.

1. Leather Notebook – Tomoe River Paper

leather notebook

This stunning leather-bound notebook features blank Japanese Tomoe River paper and is a unique travel journal to keep track of spontaneous inspirations and the aspiring writer’s precious life experiences. Available in many colors, a favorite being Crazy Horse Brown, these traditionally bound 400-page notebooks are sure to be a treasure for the beginning writer.

Verified Buyer Veronica “Sometimes, it’s the little luxuries that bring all the joy. This leather-bound notebook featuring Tomoe River paper does just that – brings joy. I like the feel of the leather, the smell, and the fountain-pen friendly paper.” 


2. M&R Brass Pencil Sharpener – With Leather Case

brass pencil sharpener with case

Produced by German brand Mobius & Ruppert, this brass bullet sharpener is the right gift for the writer who likes the old-fashioned style of putting pencil to paper. The attractive tool comes with a leather case handmade by Galen Leather’s fine craftsmen.


3. The Sendak Artist Roll

artist tool roll

Designed with all artists in mind, the Sendak Artist Roll makes a great portable pen carrier, and with 4 inside pockets for notepads and other writing materials, it is a fine gift for the mobile writer.

Verified Buyer Bridgette “Excellent quality, beautiful materials, and craftsmanship. I can’t wait to see how much character develops after years of use!”


4. Brass Binder Clip

brass paper clip

A 1920s-inspired piece that helps keep the paperwork on your desktop or work area tidy, this dual-sided, 100% handcrafted in Istanbul, elegant brass clip allows the user to organize large stacks of paper easily and efficiently. With each side having a different design, it’s sure to be a favorite of any writer.


5. Writer’s Medic Bag – Crazy Horse Tan

writer's bag

Available in many beautiful colors in addition to Crazy Horse Tan, the vintage medic kit style of the Writer’s Medic Bag is sure to carry your favorite writer’s essentials with class and appeal. Whether your gift is for the writer who haunts the coffee shops of a bustling city or prefers the solitude of nature, it’s sure to become one of their cherished treasures. The Writer’s Medic Bag has many features and a touching history that you can find on Galen’s website below.

Verified Buyer Bagdas “Within seconds of taking my medic bag in my hand, it became one of my favorite things I own. I can carry my fountain pens, journals, and extra stationery supplies easily with this bag. It is comfortable to wear like a backpack and looks really stylish. The leather has a great quality, and the entirety of this bag’s design was done wonderfully!”


Gifts for the Experienced Author

Every serious writer has their own stash of special tools collected over many years of crafting their art. Some have sentimental value, while others seem to possess inspiration or good luck, and the variety these gifts can encompass is endless. From the practical to the nostalgic, you have a wide array of choices when looking for the gift that fits the style of the writers in your life.

6. Leather Zippered 10 Slots Pen Case

pen case

Featured in Crazy Horse Brown, this protective, velvet-lined carrying case with dual flaps can hold a large array of the writer’s favorite pens. It is hand-stitched and crafted with distressed leather that softens quickly, revealing brown undertones of mocha and hickory. This eye-catching gift will spark a conversation each time the recipient reaches for a pen.


7. Qwerkywriter Typewriter-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard


This cool “retro” keyboard is a unique gift for the serious writer that still loves the sound, feel, and look of an antique typewriter, but with all the modern features of today’s high-tech tools. After conducting experiments with it, it’s also equipped with a tablet stand for an iPad and has wireless connectivity for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, that can be connected simultaneously. Not only will the aesthetic appeal make this a revered gift, but the functionality will amaze the user, and last for years to come.

Verified Buyer Tammy “So satisfying and enjoyable. Where have you been all my life? I love the Qwerkywriter. Typing on the keys sends me back to simpler times. The tap, tap, tap of the sounds means progress and closer to my goals. The qwerkywriter types so easily and seems like it was designed for my hands. I highly recommend getting one so you can enjoy the satisfying sound and feel of this modern take on a nostalgic product.”


8. Toolcomb Wooden Pen and Brush Stand Holder

wood pen holder

Inspired by designs in teak of the famous Jens Quistgaard’s peppermills, this solid wood pen holder is the perfect accessory gift for the writer who loves all things minimalist. A simple, clean design gives an antique, mature look to any writer’s desk. The piece can hold 13 pens and fits most sizes after putting it to the test.

Verified Buyer Amy “I don’t know why I waited so long to purchase this! The wood is gorgeous and my Kawecos fit perfectly! Lovely extra goodies as always from Galen and incredibly fast shipping!”


9. The Writing Box

writing case

Made of solid walnut wood and veg-tan leather, the efficient and portable Writing Box is a charming gift for the mobile writer. Our team discovered the sloped box and spacious storage make it functional, as well as a lovely display piece. Reminiscent of the portable desk used by Thomas Jefferson, this vintage-looking box is both a carrying case and a worktop surface to allow comfortable writing wherever the need arises. Optional leather carry-on kit available.

Verified Buyer Jamie L “Very beautiful. I love my writing box. It exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I was super impressed with the customer service and how quickly the delivery time was. I have gone on to purchase several other items from Galen and none have disappointed.” 


10. Leather Zippered A5 Notebook Folio

zip folio a5

For a practical gift that every writer can use as they accumulate more and more tools of the trade, along with all the personal items that need to be handy, this handmade folio is the answer for organizing. The amazing variety of specialized storage of everything from credit cards, iPhones, iPads, chargers, writing tools, notebooks, and even keys, says “gift” all the way. The folio can be personalized and is available in many colors of fine leather.

Verified Buyer Linh “Great for travel! Was looking for a set up for my travel sketch book and found it in this wonderful folio! Keeps everything I need in one place and so compact! Ordered the B6 to see if I can do the same thing for nature journaling.”


Special Gifts for Poets on Your List

Poetry has a vast expanse of styles, many having very little interest in the “rules” of writing, and in turn attracts a diverse and wily crowd as its disciples. This can make the subject of gift-giving for the poet in your circle an interesting endeavor. Check out a few inspired ideas we’ve collected for you in the rest of the article.

11. Traveler’s Notebook Leather Cover – Crazy Horse Forrest Green

travelers notebook green

Made of well-aged fine leather, with beveled and burnished edges for an elegant look, the Traveler’s notebook cover is a gift that will last forever. These notebook covers come in a variety of sizes with many options such as elastic band colors, brass charms, and custom leather tags. Design the style with these features that fit the writer’s personality and interests to customize your gift and make it personal and more meaningful.

Verified Buyer Ellen “Love this traveler’s notebook. Recently bought this passport sized TN in combination with a wallet insert and I love both products. I use them as my everyday carry and the size is just perfect. The elastic has the right amount of tension, and the leather feels nice and comfortable to hold.”


12. The Raven Writing Gloves

writer's gloves

Give the poet a gift that lets them wear their love of Edgar Allan Poe and all things poetry in a place that will inspire them as they write, using text from “The Raven” right before their eyes. These writing gloves are as unique a gift as the poems and poets themselves. The entirety of “The Raven” will not fit on one set of gloves, so each glove has a different excerpt to give the maximum available to wear.

Verified Buyer Annabella “Had to get these. I love these gloves. They are functional and cool.”


13. Blackwing Matte Pencils (Set of 12)

Blackwing pencils

It’s true, a lot of writers today are busy tapping away on computer keyboards, knocking out tight deadlines, and staring at computer displays. But there are still just as many who enjoy a fine pen or pencil in hand and an old-fashioned pad of quality paper on the table in front of them. A fine Blackwing pencil is a perfect gift for the author or poet who loves a soft, dark line on exquisite paper. This set of 12 matte black pencils comes in a box that is also a cup for holding the pencils as indicated by our tests.


14. Field Notes – Original Kraft Notebook

field notes notebooks

Original Kraft notebooks by Field Notes are handy little memo books that are valuable to writers of all types and styles. These pocket-size pads come in graphed, ruled, plain, or mixed packs of three that contain one of each. Field Notes also offers left-handed versions, plus starter kits and a variety of other gifts that are great for writers. 


15. Peg and Awl Build Chalk Pad

chalk pad

Help the writer in your life lose all those scraps of paper with “note-to-self” scribbled on them, or the endless post-its that get lost in the shuffle. Give them the gift of a Peg and Awl chalk pad to display quick notes or plans in one safe and visible spot on the office wall. Inspired by the old-school slate boards of the past, this chalk pad can be purchased on its own for hanging or with a stylish stand.


Bonus Gift Idea:  UY Design “Listen to Your Heart” Brass Pen Stand

brass pen stand

Designed by UY, the Istanbul jewelry creator, this two-piece brass treasure comes complete with a compartment to hide a special note or memory, while beautifully displaying one of a writer’s favorite pens. The varnished antique look makes it a lovely addition to any author’s desk based on our firsthand experience.



Gifts for writers and artists may seem like odd choices when looked at by outsiders, but through the eyes of the artists themselves, these unique items are not only functional but represent a piece of their soul, much like the timeless creations they provide for society. Give authors and artists gifts of the highest quality available, so they too will pass the test of time.

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