Fountain Pen brands - A Comprehensive Guide

by Galen Leather June 14, 2023 1 Comment

Fountain Pen Brands
Dive into the intricate world of fountain pens with our comprehensive guide, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between renowned fountain pen brands and their nib suppliers. This article takes you on a journey through the craftsmanship of brands, revealing the fascinating details of their nib suppliers. Whether you're a collector, a calligraphy enthusiast, or simply curious about the elegant art of writing with a fountain pen, this guide offers valuable insights into the fine craftsmanship and heritage of these writing instruments​. Some informations may not be actual , please inform us if you find a mistake.
Brand Current Nib Supplier Origin Notes
Ancora In-House Italy
Aurora In-House Italy
Benu Pens Schdmit Russia
Brause Germany
Bexley JoWo USA Until early 2000s: Bock for gold, Schmidt/JoWo for steel
Caran D'Ache Bock Swiss
Cleo-Skribent Bock Germany
Conid Bock Belgium
Conklin JoWo USA
Conway Stewart Bock UK Pre-1920: Warranted, 1920-1975: In-House
Cross In-House and Sailor (only for Peerless 125) Pelikan and Pilot
Danitrio Bock (except 24k #50 sized nib JoWo
Delta Bock Italy
Diplomat JoWo Germany
Dupont Bock France
Eboya Bock Japan
Edison JoWo USA
Elysee Bock
Esterbrook JoWo USA
Faber Castell JoWo Germany
Graf von Faber Castell Bock Germany
Gioia JoWo Italy
Fisher Space Pen
Franklin Christoph JoWo USA Formerly all Bock (including some Schmidt branded Bock)
Goulet Nibs JoWo Germany
Hakase Pilot (and Sailor, but mainly Pilot) Japan
Itoya Japan
Jinhao In-House China
Karas Kustoms Bock USA
Kaweco Bock Germany
Laban Taiwan
Lamy Mainly In-House; Bock for specialty nibs Germany Exclusively Bock in the beginning
Leonardo Officina JoWo Italy
Loclen Schmidt Italy
Magna Carta Bock India
Maiora JoWo Italy
Montblanc In-House Germany
Montegrappa JoWo / Bock Italy
Monteverde Bock USA
Nahvalur In-House USA Re-Branded 2022 from Narwhal
Nettuno JoWo - In-House Italy
Noodler's USA
Ohashido Sailor Japan
Omas Bock Italy In-house until 2000
Onoto Bock United Kingdom
Opus 88 JoWo Taiwan
Otto Hutt Bock Germany
Parker In-House France
Pelikan In-House Germany Originally Montblanc nibs, later in-house, switched to Bock 1997, transitioned back to in-house since mid-2000s
Penbbs China
Penlux JoWo Taiwan
Pineider Bock Italy
Porsche Design Currently manufactured by Pelikan. Prior to this they were manufactured by Faber-Castell Italy
Pilot/Namiki In-House Japan
Platinum In-House Japan
Retro 1951 JoWo USA
Romillo In-House Spain
Sailor In-House Japan
Scribo In House Italy The Scribo nibs are made with custom tools specifically and exclusively made for Omas. Scribo bought those tools during Omas' liquidation. Hence, they are now capable of making their own nibs, identical in specifications to the Omas ones.
Sheaffer Bock India In-house
Signum Bock Italy
Stipula Bock Italy
Stylo Art Sailor, Platinum, Pilot, and Bock Japan
Taccia Sailor and JoWo Japan
Tibaldi In-House Italy
Traveler's Company Japan
TWSBI Bock and JoWo Taiwan
Urso Bock Italy
Visconti Bock Italy
Waldmann Their nibs are made by Jowo but are custom-tuned to Waldmann's specifications. Germany
Waterman In-House France
Yard-o-Led Bock United Kingdom
Ystudio Schmidt Taiwan
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Galen Leather
Galen Leather


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January 08, 2024

Hmmm. The Sheaffer entry is… meager I think. I venture the thought that the old Sheaffer’s brand and the more recent Sheaffer brand that among others produced the Targa model line did produce their own nibs. Only after the demise of the brand and the reduction to a couple of cheap models the mention that they use Bock nibs might be accurate.

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