Fountain Pen Abbreviations

by Galen Leather March 21, 2024

fountain pen abbreviations

I remember the first time I saw "NPD" on Reddit r/fountainpens sub reddit, and had no clue what it meant. A quick Google search later, and I found out it stands for "New Pen Day" – how cool is that? Jumping into the fountain pen world is like learning a whole new secret language, full of short forms and special words that tell their own little stories. This article is here to help you crack the code of fountain pen talk, making it easier for everyone, whether you're just starting out or you've been around the block a few times. It's going to help you understand all those tricky terms people use when they talk about their pens, from the different types you can get, to all the details about the parts and the ink. Think of this as your friendly guide, helping you navigate through the world of fountain pen lingo.

Fountain Pen Abbreviations - The Pen Jargon

  • FP: Fountain Pen - A pen that uses water-based ink delivered through a nib.
  • RP: Rollerball Pen - A pen that uses water-based liquid or gelled ink.
  • BP: Ballpoint Pen - A pen that uses oil-based ink.
  • MB: Montblanc - A luxury brand known for high-quality writing instruments.
  • P51: Parker 51 - A famous fountain pen model by Parker.
  • OM, OB, OBB: Oblique Medium, Oblique Broad, Oblique Double Broad - Types of nibs angled for specific writing styles.
  • MP: Mechanical Pencil - A pencil with a replaceable and mechanically extendable lead.
  • VP: Vanishing Point (Pilot/Namiki) - A retractable fountain pen by Pilot/Namiki.
  • SITB: Slime/Sludge/Stuff in the Bottle - Refers to unwanted residue in ink.
  • C/C fill: Can use a Cartridge or a Converter - A pen that can use disposable cartridges or be refilled with a converter.
  • R&K: Rohrer & Klingner - A brand known for high-quality inks.
  • CdA: Caran d'Ache - A Swiss manufacturer of luxury writing instruments.
  • PR: Private Reserve - A brand of fountain pen ink.
  • WM: Waterman - A manufacturer of fountain pens and inks.
  • FPH: Fountain Pen Hospital - A retailer and repair shop for fountain pens.
  • FPN: Fountain Pen Network - An online community for fountain pen enthusiasts.
  • ESTIE: Esterbrook - A brand of fountain pens.
  • HR: Hard Rubber - A material used in the construction of some pens.
  • IMHO: In My Humble Opinion - A phrase often used in discussions to express a personal viewpoint.
  • SUMGAI: A term used when someone finds a great deal on pens, or gets there just before you to snatch up a bargain.
  • FS, WTB, WTT, WTS: For Sale, Want to Buy, Want to Trade, Want to Sale - Terms used in pen trading and selling on Facebook and Reddit.
  • NOS: New Old Stock - Unused vintage items.
  • NIB: New In Box - Brand new, unused item in its original packaging.
  • PEL: Pelikan - A German manufacturer of fountain pens and inks.
  • OOTB: Out Of The Box - Refers to the immediate performance or quality of a pen upon purchase.
  • GFT: Gold Filled Trim - A type of pen decoration.
  • AERO: Aerometric Filler - A type of pen filling mechanism.
  • VAC: Vacumatic Filler - A Parker pen filling system using a vacuum.
  • ED: Eye Dropper - A filling method where ink is directly dropped into the pen's body.
  • BCHR, BHR, MHR: Black Chased Hard Rubber, Black Hard Rubber, Mottled Hard Rubber - Types of materials used in pen bodies.
  • MIB: Mint In Box - Perfect condition, like "NIB" but typically refers to older items.
  • PF: Plunger-Filler - Type of filling systems or specific pen model.
  • PCA: Pen Collectors of America - A pen collector organization.
  • RHR: Red Hard Rubber - A material used in pen construction, often more orange than red.
  • FTW: Fresh To the (pen) Wild - New on the market, not pre-owned.
  • RG: Rose Gold Metal Trim - A type of pen decoration.
  • Workhorse Pen: A reliable pen used regularly for all sorts of tasks.
  • NPD, NID, VPD: New Pen Day, New Ink Day, Vintage Pen Day - Terms used to celebrate new acquisitions in the pen community. Very popular hashtags on Instagram.
  • EDC: Every Day Carry - A pen that is carried and used daily.
  • FPD: Fountain Pen Day - A day to celebrate fountain pens.
  • SE, LE: Special Edition, Limited Edition - Pens produced in limited quantities, with LE often numbered.
  • IPG: Iridium Point Germany - Refers to the material and possibly origin of a pen's nib tip.
  • MINT: Factory new condition, perfect.
  • POC: A suffix denoting a type of Waterman pen (screw-cap eyedropper).
  • 1/8 14K, 18KR, 375, 585, 750: Marks indicating the purity and type of gold or gold plating used.
  • GSM: Grams per Square Meter - A paper weight measurement, important for fountain pen users.(52gsm =52g /m2 on paper terms) 
  • UV: Ultra-Violet - Radiation that can cause ink to fade.
  • NOOB: Newbie
  • For further exploration and deep dives into the vast knowledge of fountain pens, the following resources are invaluable:

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