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Leather Dopp Kit - Brown
michael R. (Brisbane, AU)
Absolutely beautiful leather Dopp kit

I did a fair bit of searching and reading reviews of good quality Dopp kits on line before coming across Galen leather company. After reading the reviews they had received I decided to buy from them.
Delivery was as promised taking only 6 days. On opening the parcel and seeing the Dopp kit I was impressed. Looking inside I knew I had made the right decision to buy this kit. The sewing was perfect the interior lining is beautiful and the side pocket a goos size.
The little extras added at no cost was a lovely surprise.
This Dopp will last a long time and is something that looks great and will so with care.
Thank you Galen leather.

Undyed leather insert

Just a few millimetres wider and I would have been happy using it in my TNR.
Instead, it has found a home in my Gillio Giramondo!

Fantastic Pen!!

Everything about this Pen is beautiful and fantastic!

Best Fountain 🖋️ Case!!

I love love Love the undyed leather pen case & separate pen organizer! It is so easy to slip in a second one in to protect all the previous pens! Keep everything secure when you have it out on your desk!

I will write a review in one month.

I love that I can carry everything in one pouch without having to carry separate fountain pen pouches and papers. Moreover, I don't know if the iPad Mini 7 will be released in March, but I bought it with that in mind as well. It's really easy to solve with just one "folio case". However, the “Crazy Horse Forest Green” color was so attractive that I bought other products as well.

Great product and services

Good quality leather and trustful shipping.

More than you think

Although these are probably made for the Midori A6 planner (which I have) I use this cover for my Pen&Gear 4x6 notebook. The notebooks are cheap and the leather cover is considerably more but for me, it’s worth it. I’ve used many of the so called A6 notebooks but a true 4x6 size is ideal in my opinion, which is based on years of using different sizes. The leather cover is first rate and has slots front and back with a pen loop. The 4x6 is hard to find and Galen’s offering is less expensive than most.

Must have tray for every pen collector

Must have tray for every pen collector. I cannot emphasize enough, but this is the most effective product I have encountered so far to keep pens safe as well as for display

Leather Desk Pad
Natalia (Huntersville, US)
Great quality product!

I received 18x32 one in brown leather and absolutely love it! Will be ordering another one in a different color.

Functionality meets Elegance

There are slits on the upper and lower part of the cover- so no matter which notebook you use inside nothing gets damaged, because the cover bends perfectly backwards.
No fumbling around, the notebook just slides inside effortlessly.
It also fits a lot: I use Galen Leathers 200 pages Everyday Blank Notebook on one side and a Leuchtturm Jottbook on the other side. But after experiencing the tremendous writing comfort of the Everyday Notebook, I will get some of their slimmer ones to replace the Jottbook.
The penloop is a combination of leather and elastic, which accomodates different pen sizes and what surprised me the most is, that it is not in the way.
Even though the notebook has no closure, it stays perfectly shut.
There are two card slot pockets inside to store some bits and pieces.
Pure joy to use.

A must have for anyone who is in love with the written word

Regret, regret, regret that I did not order more of these. I definitely will come back for more. When Galen says it lays flat they mean it: FLAT, E.V.E.R.Y. S.I.N.G.L.E. P.A.G.E.! Especially for those who use their notebooks in a leather cover this is crutial for writing comfort. The paper itself really takes every pen: fountain pen, highlighter, ballpoint obviously- all of them just glide through the pages. And I don't know how they do it, but even on my worst day, my penmanship still looks clean and harmonious. It is very hard for me now to use other notebooks I have to say. Chapeau Galen Leather!

I never owned or used a omas fountainpen, but this pen is my favourite at the moment, nib is very smooth and also a wet writer, compared to my other similar priced fountainpens, this one is the superior

Lovely quality!

Fantastic rich colour and lovely quality. Really happy and it matches my pen too!

Just beautiful!

Wonderful colour and lovely soft leather, perfect for my traveller’s notebook. Love the ‘evil eye’ charm too which attached easily to the notebook. Fantastic customer service!

Needs a choir of Angels when you get near it.

Buying it and getting it was 5 star too. Truly a lovely product, I'm a little afraid to use it. Feels gorgeous in the hand, even loaded with the A6 spirals that I use. I'm a back pocket of my jeans kinda guy and this will absolutely batter it as it does mark easily, which I guess is the point. So I'm torn... it's a little precious... but what will it patina like? Pretty sure it'll get more beautiful.

I think “Crazy Horse Green” is a very mysterious and attractive color. This time, I was thinking about buying a pen box, but I ended up buying a 12-slot pouch, and it was a really good choice.

The removable pen tray is also very practical.

Beautiful, well made, lovely packaging

I was so impressed with this item! It arrived in the mail beautifully packaged, in a nicely designed box. It also included several lovely bonus items, such as a satchel of Turkish tea, a postcard, a leather pen holder Turkish Evil Eye charm! I attached the charm to the spine of the cover with some string to use as a ribbon bookmark. I'm so glad that I found this company!


I just love this case, I have a pocket Sterling Ink planner in it with 5 pens, and I just love it!

Quality product

The pen sleeve is a well constructed and beautifully finished. And is another addition to my ever growing pen case collection. I highly recommend Galan leather products.

Nifty organizer

Keeps my mildliners and colored pens organized and easily accessible.

Perfect for my needs!

Attractive and well made.

Superb Pen and Customer Experience

I ordered the pen on a Wednesday evening and received it Monday morning here on the East Coast of the US (much faster than I expected). The packaging and extra items included were great. The pen itself is beautiful and is a superb writer. A great first experience with Galen Leather!

Leather Desk Pad
Ryan (Toronto, CA)
Disappointed - Rough/Unfinished and Uneven Edges

I have many leather desk and mouse pads from other companies, but this was my first time purchasing one from Galen Leather. I got the Crazy Horse Forest Green Large size, the colour is nice, maybe just a little bit darker in person than shows here on the website. It is also not as thick as the leather desk pads I have from other places.

I was really looking forward to getting this but I am sadly disappointed in the finishing quality of this desk pad. There is NO WAY these have "beeswax burnished edges" as advertised. The edges are very rough/unfinished and not even straight, with ugly cut marks visible from the machine or tool which was used to cut the leather. (see attached pics). The unevenness of the edges in particular bothers me a lot, especially when next to leather desk pads from other companies. (one of the attached pictures shows a comparison with a leather pad that has a nice edge from another company). It was not cheap to get this either, particularly after currency conversion, taxes/duties, etc. so I would advise against anyone purchasing these desk pads due to the poor quality of the edges, especially if you plan to put this on a nice desk... look elsewhere and spend the extra money if needed - If this was a local purchase, I would return it.

The nicest, brightest pen carry

These pen carry cases are the nicest complement to beautiful pens. They make a great gift as well.

Best way to display pens

Simply the best way to store and display pens - so you actually use them! I will be waiting for these to restock, because it’s how I want to display my pens going forward. Galen Leather is a gift to the fountain pen community.