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Superb Quality

My second flap pen case from Galen and it didn’t disappoint! Fantastic craftsmanship with beautiful leather .
Compact . I can’t find a fault . Well done Galen

Superbly made, high quality product

The leather is very high quality, with perfect stitching, dimensions and tolerances. It does what it is designed to do, perfectly. This will most assuredly be a lifelong companion. Keep up the excellent work!

EDC Wallet - Purple
Neal D. (Miami, US)
Tiny but effective

This case is very small, but I found art supplies that fit, so you can really carry it in your pocket. The largest watercolor paper that fits are 2.5" x 3.5" Artist Trading Cards. I found a watercolor palette, brushes, a pencil and pen that were small enough to fit in. (see pictures).

Perfect Match !

while out most of the day I love to be able to carry a "precious" bag with all i need to draw , write and keep track of my pro activity and of course in crazy horse green leather ! pairing this one with a traveler's and zippered notebook pouches did help me to concentrate on the "what's in" rather than on where is that Da... notebook and pen and oh , i need to go on , hope i'll still remember that idea later ! Don't get me wrong , you can always go with A4 paper sheets screwed together , but for me , getting your hand in the bag and having the right tool right in your hand in no time is invaluable . when you get older :) you know time flies and a nice fly makes it better !!

Dream Notebook Folio!

Wonderful leather, wonderful smell, wonderful color. I use it for my teacher planner. Pens are ready to hand at once. Very handy!

I had not been able to purchase the fountain pen display box from "Galen Leather" because it was out of stock, but this time I received a notification that various sets were available for purchase, so I decided to purchase it.

"Stack & Store Wood Pen Display Box - With Clear Lid" is out of stock
I ordered "With Wood Lid" 3 days ago, but "With Clear Lid" arrived two days earlier.

Anyway, in the end, I think I made a good decision buying both.

It adds to the feeling of “fountain pen hobby.”

Stack & Store Wood Ink Storage Box
Atti (Gyeonggi-do, KR)
Good ink box!!!

I had not been able to purchase the fountain pen display box from "Galen Leather" because it was out of stock, but this time I received a notification that various sets were available for purchase, so I decided to purchase it.

I don't have a lot of ink, but even after putting all the ink in there's still room.
Since I put the ink into the dedicated ink box of “Galen Leather”, it is full of emotion.

Kilk tortoise brown fountain pen

This is the most beautiful pen ever! I was so pleasantly impressed with not only the look of the pen but also in the way it writes. I got this in an extra fine nib and was afraid it might be a little scratchy, but was surprised that it was so smooth to write with. I highly recommend this pen!

Small, but mighty!

What an amazing online shopping experience! I've purchased numerous Galen Leather zip portfolios from a local retailer in the past, and although the quality doesn't waiver, the experience of buying direct from Galen Leather cannot be matched. What a treat!
Additionally, the A6 undyed slim planner cover is perfect! This is my first undyed leather experience so I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves over time. The A6 Hobonichi Techo (spring edition) with the weekly insert fits perfectly with room to spare!

The most beautiful pen case

It is possible to get quite a lot to fit in here - it’s versatile. It can be used to carry smaller A5 notebooks, Leuchtturm A5 notebooks, hardbacks and paperbacks, along with diverse writing supplies.

Amazing and thought through in every detail

The A5 zipfolio in crazy horse brown is perfect in every detail. I have had it for more than a year now, and I found a pretty good loadout for this little case. My go-to choice for the paper inside was the Rhodia dot pad, but I'll get some Midori paper in an A5 notebook configuration soon because I want to try out a more ivory shade of paper. I also found some nice tricks for this case. For example, you can put a microfiber cloth through the small metal hook at the top to clean any ink spills. You can also put postcards behind in the big slot, and I also store another cloth there. I received a single pen pouch which perfectly fits into the big latch in the middle, and behind it, I put a little ruler for drawing straight lines. At the top, I put a vial for the leads for my Pelikan pencil and an extra feed and nib for my Lamy 2000. The rest of the case is filled with a small notepad, my Kaweco Sport, and lastly with my Rally trademark 10. In the end, I can only say that I couldn't live without this thing, and I hope that I gave new or longer-term owners of this case new and better layout options and ideas.

Lovely looking, but bad quality

I've had my bag for a couple months now. I don't put excessively heavy stuff in it. The photos on the website pack more things in it then I do. The magnets don't really work anymore. It's starting to rip in 2 places. Parts are separating.

I dunno. I love this bag, but it's awful quality and I would never recommend it nor buy it again for myself.

Writer's Medic Bag - Undyed Leather
Martine T. (Gaanderen, NL)
Stunning medic bag undyed

Love my new medic bag! Excellent quality and great design! Undyed leather is the best!

This pen is gorgeous

My pen doesn't look like the photo. The colors are richer and deeper. I found out that it is Jonathon Brooks Primary Manipulation 4 and is absolutely stunning. I would also like a pen that looks like the picture but I am not giving this one back!!!

Slim leather cover and Lamy is a match in heaven

I have mixed this fine leather cover with my Lamy safari fountain pen in alu. And they fit like a hand in a glove!

Its my evert day friend and is fill up with Lamy 92 pages A6 notebook in umbra.

P.s. the cover still have that leather sent 🙂

Very nice smooth finish on this cover. Amazing functionality for my two notebook one cover setup.

Each of my three slim covers is a bit different in texture. Each gives a different pleasant feel. This one came surprisingly smooth. I have a single pen sleeve that is also similar to this smooth feel. The fit is perfect for my books. I have managed to fit in a few formats. I like to put in two notebooks. Usually a larger one on the right side and a slimmer one on the left which I use for quick notes. You can fit 2 MD notebooks in this cover. Stalogy 365 and an Apica. These do fit a Mnemosyne ring easily with a small notebook. The picture of the two MD notebooks is in my CH Brown A5.
The penloop is tight for a fountain pen. You can easily just clip the clip. Zebra Sarasa clip pens are very easy to get in and out. The rubber on gel pens to catch which is to be expected.
This was my third Galen order and I find the quality and value exceptional. I highly suggest mixing your color choices.

A placed this second order the day my first order arrived!

I love all my Galen Leather cases!! When I opened my 10 pen case and my slip and zip and took in the quality and gorgeous leather smell, I knew I needed to order another case so I did…that very day! My 20 pen case arrived and it just as lovely as the others. I plan to order the Kaweco Sport case as my collection is growing so quickly. My fountains pens look so beautiful in all my Galen Leather cases. I’m a total fan and have raved about them on my YouTubr channel. YouTube video placeholder
Leather Wallet İnsert in Ocean Blue

I highly recommend this product and also all other Galen Leather products. The leather is of superb quality, durable, smells and feels like a leather. Also, excellent customer service.
Thank you, Galen Leather team!

The best pouch

The slip-n-pouch in crazy horse is one of the best purchases of the year. I keep there my fountain pens I use during a week and then I constantly change the pens depending on what I use that specific week.
I highly recommend this pouch!

Writer's Medic Bag XLarge - Crazy Horse Tan

I want to first start by saying what an awesome design this is! What an incredible tribute to founder Zeynep.
Let me start with the positives. This bag was very thoughtfully designed. It has a place for just about everything one would need on the go. A place to neatly store your pens/writing utensils, a place for cards/ID if you choose, 2 loops that can be used for chords, but also pencils or paintbrushes, a leather pocket for your cell phone or small notebook, plus additional loops that you can use for a number of items. The inner compartment is a nice size, though it would have been handy to have it a little deeper, as I have a couple of books that I regularly use that are a bit too thick for it. I was also surprised to find that the inner compartment does not extend fully to the base, nor is it sewn shut, but this may be to allow a bit of give to the depth. On the portion that you lay flat, there are multiple slots to put papers, notes, stamps, etc. Very handy! Then there is the handy keychain that clips in, so you can literally just grab this and go! Unlike some reviews that I viewed, the strap was plenty long to utilize as a should bag, cross body, and even as a backpack! It is surprisingly comfortable to wear each way. I should also note, that I am not petite.
I really wanted to love this. The design is fantastic, however there were some oddities with my bag. The inner flap was cut too wide and will not lay flat no matter what I try. Additionally, the leather quality was not what I expected and not up to the same level as the other items I purchased in this order (I went a little overboard!). The color is nowhere near the color pictured. It is light and really more of a pale camel color than the rich brown that you see in the photos, which I know to wear and age well. The leather has crackling throughout, which is rough to the touch. I can’t help but wonder if I would have had better luck if I had chosen a different color and perhaps these issues were just a one off.
All in all I am disappointed, This was a rather expensive purchase for me and while the company packages the items with such great care and attention to detail and so generously gives beautiful and thoughtful little gifts with orders, this particular item was regretfully not what I had hoped for.

Refillable Leather Wrap Journal / Planner Cover - C. H. Ocean Blue

Stunner! This leather wrap journal cover is absolutely gorgeous in the C.H. Ocean Blue! I wanted to be sure to include a couple photos, as there were not any stock photos available in this color when I ordered. The pictures do not do the color justice! It is beautifully made and matches the pen zip case that I purchased. It snugly fits my journal and has an inner leather loop to hold a pen. It is truly beautiful the way that they wove the strap. I am so excited to use this for many years to come! Additionally, it was packaged so beautifully in a sturdy box and was sent along with some very thoughtful and wonderful gifts. Excellent personalized care, Galen Leather! Well done!

Leather Slip-N-Zip 4 Slots Zippered Pen Pouch - C.H. Ocean Blue

Absolutely gorgeous!! The quality of the leather and coloring is just stunning. This is such a handy idea for keeping pens, highlighters and small odds and ends. The finish of the leather is smooth and has character. It has a quality zipper that smoothly zips and easily handles enclosing two pen inserts plus some tidbits. A very polished look and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to purchase this gem in this color. I am glad that I waited until it was restocked. It came packaged in a beautiful heavy duty box. It felt like a present to myself! Added bonus were the kind and thoughtful gifts that Galen Leather included! LOVE this product!!

Good quality!

I really love it!
But, There were some torn scratches on the leather surface.🥲

Pen and tool holder walnut. Love it!

Love my pen and tool holder!

Washi tape dispenser walnut. Stunning!

I have two of these gorgeous washi dispensers. If you are a washi tape lover this is a must have!