Pen Pouches

Keep your precious pens and pencils safe and secure with our Handmade Leather Pen Pouches. All of our pouches are handcrafted from high grade vegetable tanned leather here in the heart of Turkey. They make great gifts for students, professionals and artists wanting to keep their drawing tools altogether in one stylish pen pouch.


Leather Pen Pouches

What kind of leather pen pouch are you most interested in? Do you want something simple that will hold plenty of pens, pencils and a whole lot more? Maybe you want something that looks really stylish that you can carry along with you even for more professional events? Maybe you want something that falls in somewhere in the middle? Well, you're going to have no problem finding any of these because there are several options available. And all of them are made with the same 100% vegetable tanned leather so they're durable and long lasting. 

The first pen pouch leather pen holder is a simple zipper pouch that holds everything you need in one package. The second is a small cosmetic case style bag that will hold slightly fewer pieces and takes up a little less space in your bag. The really stylish one you're going to love though, is a pouch made with a flap instead of a zipper. It also has metal knobs that hold the flap closed when you're carrying it along with you. No matter which one you choose, however, you get to choose the color and what you want monogrammed on the front.  

Key Points

  • Usual and rare colors
  • Brass hardware
  • Different usage options like cosmetic bag or medicine pouch

Story - Behind The Collection

Our visionar founder, Zeynep's favorite items.She has been using different colors for several purposes in her tote bag.