Wooden Pen Holders

Handmade wooden pen and pencil holders to organize your writing utensils, tools and make a stylish addition to your desk.

Wooden Pen Holders

All of our wooden pencil and pen holders are handcrafted from Mahogony and Walnut, giving you characteristics of the natural timber grain and durability. This is what makes wood a beautiful material.

Fountain Pen Holder For Desk

It's time to show your fountain pens the love they deserve with our handcrafted pen rests! We design a variety of styles and finishes to suit your tastes and needs. Choose from a standard pen holder, a wooden case, or even a brass pen stand. If you're a pen collector or someone who just likes to have a classy desk, we're sure there'll be something for you here.

What is a pen holder called?

A pen holder can also be referred to as a pen rack, pen container, pen stand or pen rest. It is used to store and display pens in an organized way on your desk.

Alternatives to Wooden Pen Holders