Writers Medic Bag

In memory of our founder Zeynep who passed away in July 2019 - this was her last design. After many months of work and tweaking, we've finally brought it to life and couldn't be more proud of the final product!

Best Bag for Writers

The Writer's Medic Bag is the best bag for writers. Its unique design, inspired from a traditional medic messenger bag, allows you to carry all your writing essentials with you wherever you go. For loyal fans of Galen Leather who have amassed quite the leather collection, you will fall in love with this leather writer's bag. It's the perfect way to keep everything together and take them with you on your next adventures. There's enough room for your leather journals, pens, ink, pen cases, notebooks, brass stationery and more.

The Writer's Medic Bag is available in Crazy Horse Forest Green, Crazy Horse Tan and more of our favorite leather color options.

Leather Artist Bag

Crafted from full-grain vegetable tanned leather, the Writer's Medic Bag offers a beautiful and functional space to organize your art essentials. Keep your tools, sketches, and materials neatly organized, ready to inspire at a moment's notice. It's your mobile studio, ready to transform ideas into reality wherever you go. It becomes an extension of your artistry, aging gracefully alongside your creations.

And with its vintage aesthetic, it's sure to be a great conversation starter wherever you take your craft.