Leather Care

leather care and cleaning

Care & Cleaning

  • We use locally sourced 2-3mm vegetable oak tanned cow leather. Every piece of leather absorbs dye differently.
  • When you receive your item, please note that leather can initially be a bit stiff. In time the leather will soften. Our leather ages very well with daily use.
  • All edges are hand burnished/finished.
  • Your leather product is designed to last a lifetime and age gracefully along the way. The only thing you need in order to care for your product, is neatsfoot oil or olive oil. Apply a light layer of oil with a cloth.

  • Try to avoid leaving your leather cover or accessory in direct sunlight. Blue/purple leather colors are the most susceptible to fading.

  • For small scuffs or wear marks, simply rub your thumb or finger along the cleft between your nose and nostril for a bit of oil. With light pressure, rub the spot on your cover in a circular motion. The scuff should darken and become less obvious.

  • Feed your cover once a year or so by applying a light even coating of neatsfoot oil or olive oil.