A6 Notebooks

A6 notebooks, journals and notepads – we have them all! Designed with an eye on simplicity, our range of A6 Notebooks are your everyday companion to success.

The dimensions when an A6 notebook is closed are 105 × 148 mm (4.13 × 5.83 inches). Not sure this the right size for you? Learn all about picking the perfect notebook size.

Calling all writers! We’re notebook people—just like you. We understand the importance of finding an A6 notebook that you like the look of, and like the feel of.

We have gone against the flow to stay focused on mastering our craft, in a world that is constantly choosing technology over pen and paper.

If you’re passionate about putting pen to paper in a handbound A6 journal, and even better, if you’re someone who values the weight and feel of paper and how your pen glides across the page, you’re in the right place.

We have designed our A6 plain notebooks with an eye on simplicity. We hope that our A6 notebooks accompany you in your everyday success and empower you to achieve your wildest dreams.

As you scroll their our options, you’ll be able to tell that we value elegance (take a look at our A6 in Green), and we always want to provide you with all the options (which is exactly why we create MD Notebooks that are Blank, Grid, or Lined).

We are all unique humans with unique writing priorities. At Galen Leather Co, we’re confident you’ll find the right A6 leather notebook for your writing purposes.

We have also crafted a collection of leather A6 notebook covers that will gain character together with the journal you fill it with.