Magna Carta Pens

Explore the Magna Carta pens, the charm of modern yet vintage-style fountain pens with the most flexible gold nibs, alongside the grandeur of oversized Mag 1000 pens.

Mag 600 Flex Mag 1000 Oversized

Magna Carta, a family-owned fountain pen manufacturer from India, was founded in 2014. Specializing in the production of fountain pens. Also, nibs and resins are produced in-house.  Magna Carta prides itself on its in-house manufacturing process, which guarantees that its products meet the high standards expected by pen collectors and aficionados. In 2023, Magna Carta unveiled two new pens, marking them as the brand's flagship models. The MAG1000 model stands out as Magna Carta's largest pen to date, surpassing even the Namiki Emperor in size. It is equipped with a massive #10 nib, exclusive to the MAG1000 model. The other introduction, the MAG600, features a #6 14K True Flex Nib and an ebonite feed, echoing the design and functionality of vintage flexible gold nib pens.