Nahvalur (Narwhal) Fountain Pens

Since their debut in 2019, Nahvalur has captivated pen enthusiasts with their stunning designs and exceptional writing experience. Narwhal officially changed its name to Nahvalur on August 3rd, 2022.

The team at Narwhal debuted their stunning fountain pen range at the 2019 DC Pen show. When we saw their stunning range of pens, it was love at first sight and we're now proud stockists. They have skillfully fused together artistic style with the finesse of their thoughtfully designed fountain pens. Everything is made in-house including the fine self-made nibs. Narwhal pens come with the highest quality piston fillers allowing for larger ink capacity so you never have to go without ink when it matters most. They're perfect for calligraphy which you can write using our calligraphy practice sheets and calligraphy worksheets.

The pens are available in four eye-catching colors which will capture your creative imagination; Poseidon Blue, Merman Green, Tang Yellow and Hippocampus Purple. They're a perfect match for writing in our Everyday Notebooks. Each pen is sold with a single pen sleeve but if you decide to upgrade, a four pouch pen flap case makes an ideal collector's case for holding all four at once. We have a wide range of fountain pen travel cases so you can pick one to match your needs and taste.

Where are Nahvalur Pens Made

Nahvalur (Formerly Narwhal but still pronounced as "nar-wahl") pens are made in California USA. These beauties boast in-house manufacturing for exceptional quality and a smooth writing experience.

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