Scrikss Fountain Pens

Scrikss, a Turkish pen manufacturer established in 1964, boasts a flourishing legacy spanning over 50 years. The Spanish word 'Scrikss' is derived from the word 'Escriure,' which means 'writing' in the Catalan language, hints at their dedication to the craft.

The legendary SCRIKSS Fountain pen 419, has gained the great appreciation of pen lovers all around the world. It is being re-produced in limited edition to create a pleasant nostalgia. For what was once only a household name in Turkey, has now become a much-loved global brand among pen lovers and collectors of fine stationery.

These are some of the best pens for moleskine and tomoe river paper notebooks. If you find yourself having a little ink accident with one of these fountain pens and handmade leather bound writing journal, don't fret. We're created a guide on how to remove pen ink for times such as these.

The History of Scrikss

During the Spanish Civil War that ended in 1939, Scrikss, known to have started producing fountain pens in Albacete, Spain, sold his name right to Mowe SA, a Swiss company, in the late 50s. All rights related to the brand was then sold onto the Turkish company Scrikss Maden ve Plastik Sanayi A.Ş.

Since 1964, the company has been producing Scrikss ballpoint pens in its own factory building at Bahçelievler, Old London Asphalt.

The first Turkish fountain pen was produced in 1966 under the Scrikss brand. Except for the tip of this pen, code number 17, everything was manufactured domestically.

In 1974, a meeting with the French brand Waterman was held. Waterman's world-famous boss, Francine Gomez, agreed on a deal to licence production of the Jif-Waterman fountain pen to the Scrikss company in Turkey.

Scrikss commenced the production of Jif-Waterman fountain pen cartridges and ink.

The company celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2009 and produced special items to mark the special date. 

In 2020, Scrikss re-produced their iconic 419 model fountain pen with new colors, a piston filler acrylic resin fountain pen.

Today, Scrikss continues to be a beloved pen brand, especially for their iconic 419 model reintroduced in 2020 with vibrant colors and a piston-filling mechanism.