Pen Storage - The Best Fountain Pen Storage Options For 2022

by Katy Klassman December 23, 2021

The Best Fountain Pen Storage Options For 2022

Did you receive a pen (or two, or three!) this holiday season? How fortuitous!  Will they live on your desk, be part of a growing collection or become a part of your everyday carry? 
In any of these situations, we have a case just right for protecting your pen and keeping it looking as good on the outside as it does on the inside.  

Best Pen Storage Ideas

It’s a specialty of our company and one of our most important signatures to make beautiful leather and wooden cases for all your needs.
In fact, we have nearly twenty ways for you to make sure your pen is carefully carried and stored for every personality and style.

1. For the person who means business: Magnum Opus

pen storage

Magnum Opus Pen Cases 

Offered in a range of colors befitting all sizes of writing instrument, this hard case with removable tray makes a statement in a meeting, on the go, or sitting on your desk. We made it to make a statement, just think of it as a shout it from the rooftops way of letting people know your pens have arrived.

2. For the student or traveler: Slip N Zip

fountain pen case leather

Slip N Zip Pen Pouches 

This slim, soft case has a secret. Offered in a variety of colors, tucked inside are four pen loops on a piece of coordinating leather. They’ll hold any writing instrument and leave enough room for a memo book to accompany them. It’s a great way to nestle your pens all snug and sound.

3. For the person who uses their pocket as their EDC: Pocket Double Zip Case

edc pen case

Pocket Size EDC Pen Cases

To keep your pocket pens together in your pocket, we offer this small protective zippered case. It holds two pens, so that if one should run out of ink, you always have a backup. Compatible with pocket sized pen, like Kaweco sport.

4. For the writer: A5 10 Slot Zip Case with Notebook Holder

pen holder with notebook

A5 Pen Case with Notebook Holder 

Never be without ten of your favorites whether you’re home penning your memoir, in the classroom taking notes or at work. For to-do lists, journaling or brainstorms, this case paired with your favorite A5 notebook is an all-in-one solution that just also happens to be very good looking.

5. For the old fashioned (we mean this in a good way!) : Wooden Box for 3 Pens

fountain pen storage box

Wooden Pen Case with Lid

Based on a flea market find (as many of our favorite Galen items are,) this is a treasure box to be coveted on your desk revealing three of your most precious or most used pens.

6. For the lover of all things vintage: Old School Molded Cases

fountain pen storage

Molded Pen Cases

These pen cases tell a story and will be a conversation starter for anyone who sees them. With an old-world, but highly functional metal closure and molded hard case, they will keep your pens cozy and looking like they come from a bygone era.

7. For those who love elegance: Duo slim Pen Case

vintage pen case zip

Duo Slim Zip 2 Pen Cases

This slim case is for your slender and petite pens. With no fuss or muss, it’s a beautiful way to hold the most graceful of your writing instruments.

8. For those who carry a little bit of everything: Xlarge Pencil Case

zip leather pencil case

Leather Pencil Cases

For your pens, pencils, keys, cards, and anything else you need for a day out, this case can handle it all. And then some. Maximalists, this one is for you.

9. For those who appreciate a little whimsy: Tool Comb Wooden Pen Holder

wood pen holder

ToolComb Wood Pen Holder

It looks like a honeycomb, and it stores your pens in the round. For pocket pens or full-size pens, this is a little conversation piece for your desk that has ample storage space, to boot.

10. For those who want to keep a tidy desk: Wooden Desk Organizer

wooden desk organizer

Wood Desk Organizer

This organizer allows you to have all the pens and pencils you need within reach. It’s stately and sturdy and the perfect place to store all of your favorite workhorses.

11.  For those with something special to showcase: Wood Pen Rest

wood pen rest

Wood Pen Rest

This pen rest was made for showing off. Admire your beauties as they sit on your desk for all to see. This little wooden stand is a winning showcase for three of your most beloved writers.

12. For the artist: Utility Roll

pen roll leather

Leather Pen Rolls

When you want to have all of your tools for writing, drawing or painting with you, this case is just the right thing to have in your travel, work or daily carry bag. Made of soft, flexible leather, it can hold all of your writing instruments, cutting tools and brushes. 

13. For those who want to collect every color: Collector Case for Pocket Pens

pen case for kaweco pens

Collector Pen Case For Pocket Pens

You know who you are. You have every color of a certain pocket pen and while you deny you’ll fall for the next one, they are just too tempting not to want to have them all. The real question is not if you'll purchase the latest greatest color but if you might need more than one of these collector’s cases.

14. For those who appreciate simplicity:
Flap Pen Cases

flap covered pen case

Flap Pen Cases

With a strap holding the flap, and separate slots for each pen these cases are a refined way to store your pens. Offered in a range of colors and sizes, these are classic cases with a whole lot of substance and subtlety.

15. For those who want to keep their pens and cards together: 3 Slot Zip Case

leather pen holder for 3 pens

Leather Zip 3 Pen Slot Case

This is an everyday carry match made in heaven. For those that like to have everything they need in one place, these zip cases will let you bring your pens, paper, identification, and credit cards with you in one gorgeous case.

16. For those who want to keep their pens and a pocket notebook together: 5 Slot Zip Case

fountain pen carry case

Leather 5 Slots Pen Case

This is an everyday carry match made in heaven. For those that like to have everything they need in one place, these zip cases will let you bring your pens, a pocket size notebook with you in one gorgeous case.

17. For the collector on the go: 20 Slot Zip Case

fountain pen storage case zip

Pen Case Collector for 20 Pens

Have collection, will travel. If you are headed to a pen show, on a long trip, or you just can’t bear to leave behind any of your pens, these cases hold the largest assortment of any of our cases. Being indecisive never looked so stylish.

18. For the collector on the go: 40 Slot Book Style Zip Case

how to store fountain pens

40 Slots Pen Case

Have big collections, our biggest pen cases come in book style. If you are headed to a pen show, or you just can’t bear to leave behind any of your pens, these cases hold the largest assortment of any of our cases. Being indecisive never looked so stylish.

19. For the minimalist: Pen Sleeve

leather pen sleeve

Leather Pen Sleeves

You just want to protect your pen without all the bells and whistles. Look no further. Our original pen sleeves are here to do just that. Come in single, double and triple options.

20. For the stay-at-home collector: Stack and Store Boxes for your Desk

wood fountain pen display cases

Wood Pen Display Box 

There is maybe nothing worse than pens in pen cups on your desk. Think about all of the micro scratches and it may make you start to itch! Our stack and store boxes will keep your pens safe and sound and because they are designed to sit one on top of the other, they’re great for storage in smaller spaces.

21. Stack & Store Pen Tray

pen tray

Pen Tray

A part of the Stack and Store system, pen tray is the great option to display your collection on your desk. 

22. Stack & Store Wood Covered Pen Box for Urushi and Ebonite pens

fountain pen case for urushi and ebonite pens

Pen Display Box with Wood Lid 

If you have special pens sensitive to light, like urushi finish or ebonite, the wooden lid will protect from sunlight and external factors.

23. Stack & Store Ink Storage Box

fountain pen ink storage box

Ink Storage Box

Another part of the Stack and Store system is Ink storage boxes. You can store and organize all your Inks in a stylish box, and Ink boxes are stackable with other pen boxes.

24. Latest Addition : The Pen Bed

pen bed wood pen display

The Pen Bed

After the success of the pen rest we launch the bigger option, the pen bed is a full size pen display stand and has different slots for each pen in stages.

Browse our diverse selection of leather products for the perfect third-anniversary gift or gift for a writer.

Katy Klassman
Katy Klassman


Katy worked in a stationery shop for nearly a decade, so She’s educated on many products and stationery client questions. She is also stationery - planner - fountain pen fanatic.

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