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As long time members and contributors of the many online fountain pen forums, communities and fan groups, we're proud to announce we're new stockists of some of the best fountain pens available online! It's no surprise really, as fountain pens are the perfect addition to our handmade leather goods collection.

We stock the special edition Scrikss Fountain Pens, also made here in Turkey. These were once fountain pens only known to Turkish households. Scrikss has now become a global name among lovers of fine stationery and fountain pens collectors.

A newcomer to the fountain pen market is Narwhal which debuted at the 2019 DC Pen Show. These stunning designs will make any fountain pen fanatic find room in their collection for more.

You can display your fountain pens in a classy penholder, keep them protected in one of the many styles of leather pen sleeves, leather flap pen cases, or zippered pen cases. If you're looking for a way to practice your calligraphy skills, then pair with one of our exclusive calligraphy practice sheets.

Why do people still use fountain pens?

Fountain pens also have a timeless aesthetic that is hard to replicate in digital form. They are a symbol of elegance, prestige and style. Fountain pens have regained popularity in recent years due to people wanting them as collectables, rather than just as a writing instrument.

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