Stationery Resolutions for 2021

by Katy Klassman December 28, 2020 5 Comments

Stationery Resolutions for 2021

I’m someone who has always enjoyed making resolutions. I love sitting down and reviewing my previous year’s accomplishments and dreaming up what I want to achieve in a new year. Putting pen to paper for this exercise is one of the things I look most forward to. These are the types of things I love to think about when I’m about to commit to what I am hopeful to achieve: Which pen is deserving of this important plotting and planning? Which ink color makes sense for the tone I want to set for myself? Which paper? Should there be ephemera and stickers? The answer to that is ALWAYS, dear reader.

Often, I like to make my resolutions sitting in a coffee shop, maybe with a latte and a nice pastry. Some years I have been on the road and the backdrop of an exciting city has inspired me to dream big. This year I am sitting on my couch. Like many of you, I am looking at the same view I’ve looked at for most of this year. It is impossible to ignore that this was a year of loss and challenge and subsequently, many of my resolutions were not aligned with the realities of 2020. But this year ended up being an excellent teacher for me and it informs many of the resolutions I have for this coming year.

I thought I’d share some of them with you because analog tools and stationery from Galen are a big part of what makes me joyful (that’s why I’m here!) and joy is BIG on my 2021 agenda.

Herewith are my 2021 resolutions:

  1. Write more letters.

letter writing

I am a terrible pen pal, and I can give you a list of people who would gladly confirm this. I also hate to speak on the telephone and I’m notorious for not answering personal emails and texts in a timely manner. While I’ve always been aware of this shortcoming, 2020 put a big spotlight on it. While I did a better job this year of reaching out to friends and family via the dreaded Zoom and phone, I still haven’t managed to reply to the stack of letters and postcards that glare at me from my Galen Writing Box. I have now put that beautiful, mahogany box smack dab in the middle of my desk. It makes it hard to avoid and that is the point. It is gorgeous to look at, but it’s also a reminder to make connections with people I care about.

2.    Write daily morning pages.

writing a diary

I read “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron a few years ago and am currently making my way through her book, “Walking in the World”. One of the common exercises between the two books is daily writing. I have already started so that I am in a groove when 2021 dawns. Right now, I’m good for three to four days a week, but in 2021, I’m aiming for seven out of seven. The basic premise of morning pages is to write three pages, stream of conscious, each day. On the days when there is nothing to say, you write one word over and over. I also have a set of prompt cards that I sometimes use to get me started (which may be cheating, don’t tell Julia). I do this writing in the Galen Everyday Books. I love every size of these books (you can see my previous blog about them,) but for this exercise I especially love the giant B5’s.

3.   Figure out how to use a calendar again.

using a calendar

Who else bought a planner last year that they’re now using for scrap paper? My 2020 planner is a wasteland of what was to be. From March until now there are blank pages and white space galore. In the last few weeks, maybe for the first time since becoming a responsible adult, I have been late for or missed several appointments. It’s a terrible feeling. I need to start writing down where I need to be and when I need to be there, again. To show you how serious I am about this, I’ve done a really daring thing and bought a DATED calendar. It is patiently awaiting January in my Galen A5 zippered leather cover.

4. Organize my desk.

organize desk

I shared with you that I’m writing this from my couch. This couch and I are in a seriously deep relationship with each other. It’s probably time for a little distance and there is nothing I love more than a clean desk ready for writing. I’m looking forward to eventually acquiring the new Stack and Store system to tidy my desk, but in the meantime, I have my three favorite pens (don’t tell the other ones,) on my Galen pen rest, my A5 pad on my clipboard ready for to do lists and my brass binder clip to keep stray papers in check.

5.   Commit to a Gratitude Journal

leather journal

I ‘m actually well into the swing of this one. I started keeping a gratitude journal in October and I hope it is a practice I always keep. I do this in an A5 leather notebook which is a very luxurious container for gratitude. I love that when I complete it, I will have 400 pages filled with what I’m grateful for. Sometimes it is simple things, like cheese (ha!) but it is also a place to really reflect on how fortunate I feel and a reminder to pay that fortune forward whenever possible.

6.   Read more.

read more

One of my greatest indulgences is to curl up with a book. Both of my parents are voracious readers, and it is something that I have loved to do since I was very small. While I find it impossible to let go of physical books (I love how they smell and I love paper too much,) those of you who have made your way to e-books will find the leather planner covers a great way to make your e-reader a part of your everyday carry.

7.   Research pigments.

color pigments

I spent a lot of time in 2020 making my own watercolor paint and pastels. There was a lot of trial and error in these pursuits with an emphasis on the latter. This is because pigments each have their own characteristics, uses and behaviors. I could spend a lifetime learning how each of them are best served. I have a stack of articles and books to start digging through to continue my studies (with the goal of FINALLY making a lapis lazuli pastel that adheres to the paper). I want my notes to look as beautiful as the materials themselves, so I’m indulging in my most decadent set-up: A leather zippered 10 slots pen case with A5 notebook holder and an A5 leather notebook as the insert.

8.  Find my passport.

american passport

Okay, I know where it is. I just haven’t had much hope of using it. But optimism is a key ingredient for 2021, so I am going to fish it out of the junk drawer, put it in a Galen passport cover (I need to choose a fun color,) and put it where I can see it to remind myself that I WILL travel again and until then I can do lots of traveling in my imagination.

9.   Use up some ink.

vintage ink bottle

I am hoping #1’s, 2, 3, 5 and 7 make a dent in the ink I have. There are many colors on my ink wish list, but they don’t have a chance of coming into this house until I use up what I already own.

10.  Find quiet places to write outdoors.

writer's bag

One of the things that I haven’t been able to use as much as I’d like to this year is my medic bag. This is such a special product for Galen and for me. I want to make sure it gets lots of adventures in the new year. While I don’t think being indoors in public places is going to be possible for much of this year, I want to make a point of seeking out fresh air and changes of scenery to spark creativity and take more time to appreciate the dynamic and beautiful city I live in. I think the medic bag will be the perfect way to take my desk on the go.

This is just some of what I’ll be up to this year (I’ve spared you things like the nuts and bolts of running my business and that I need to stop baking and eating too much bread). I encourage you to make your own resolutions and if you’d be willing, to share them in the comments. Let me know how Galen Leather products figure into your plan for 2021. I would love to hear from you. You always inspire me and give me great guidance and ideas.

Katy Klassman
Katy Klassman


Katy worked in a stationery shop for nearly a decade, so She’s educated on many products and stationery client questions. She is also stationery - planner - fountain pen fanatic.

5 Responses

Michelle Clary
Michelle Clary

February 17, 2021

I love that you threw in finding your passport and then mentioned getting a cover from Galen. Now you just added to my list! :) and thank you for mentioning the morning pages. I haven’t done those in awhile. I have written letters this past year though. I invested in some nice stationary and wasn’t even afraid to use it! Huge growth during this pause in life.


January 26, 2021

What a beautiful post and such an encouragement for the coming year. I struggle to believe that we will ever return to what we once considered a normal life for the most part because I don’t think that is in the cards by the powers that be. That said “they” will never take away my hopes, desires and positive expectations for my future.

Tom Vander Well
Tom Vander Well

January 18, 2021

Great post, Katy. I am also an “Artist’s Way” veteran and Morning Pages were/are transformational in my life journey. I also have a 2021 resolution to write more letters and make a dent in my stationery supply. The gratitude journal is something I haven’t done. I may have to give it a try. Cheers!

Robert Michael Carlysle
Robert Michael Carlysle

January 14, 2021

What a cheerful and inspiring post ~ lots of good ideas here.


January 14, 2021

I absolutely love reading about your inspiration for 2021. It has inspired me to do a bit more myself. I will introduce myself to morning journaling now. Thank you!

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