Cosmo Air Light Paper - 75 gsm - First Impressions

by Galen Leather January 19, 2021 1 Comment

cosmo air light paper 75 gsm

Today we had a chance to try out a great new paper; the Cosmo Air Light. This is a 75 gsm Japanese paper. It has been on the agenda of the fountain pen world (and our's) for a while. This is the most sheen and shading I have ever seen.

Feedback is available while writing, as its surface is not as covered as the Tomoe river, Rhodia etc. The paper isn’t slick like Tomoe River either. Instead, it has just enough texture that you don’t feel like your pen is ice-skating over the surface. But still, it provides a smooth writing experience. Your text is a click thicker but there's no bleeding and minimal ghosting. The colors are very vibrant. Drying time is a bit longer. I personally think it's especially suitable for applications such as a journal, watercolor, etc. It is currently sold in 50 sheet packages and is an expensive paper. The paper needs to be tested with different inks and has to go further. My first impressions are very positive. Maybe we can use this paper at Galen for new notebooks in the future?

Here's the pictures and a quick video review:


cosmo air light paper 75 gsm sheen.
cosmo air light paper 75 gsm review.
cosmo air light paper 75 gsm .
cosmo air light paper 75 gsm ghosting.
cosmo air light paper 75 gsm shading.
cosmo air light paper 75 gsm .
cosmo air light paper 75 gsm.
cosmo air light paper 75 gsm fountain pen friendly.

Galen Leather
Galen Leather


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Solomon Cut*here
Solomon Cut*here

May 03, 2021

I am there with you. No writing is enjoyable and soothing than hand written one when done well. Congrats for your passion.

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