Leather Card Wallet


Leather Card Wallet - Slim Line.

If you're looking to minimize what you carry and slim things down from a standard leather wallet, a leather card holder wallet may be your best bet. Our Leather Card Wallets are made for both men and women. Their slim designs holds a couple cards and cash to make sure you aren't getting weighed down. They're practical, discreet and a convenient way to stow your cards and cash while traveling. All you have to do is choose which cards stay and which ones go.

Designed to fit in the front pocket of a suit without the bulging, this leather card holder wallet can even be monogrammed to make it personal for you.

Key Points

  • No.40 Slim design with splitted leather
  • No.38 seperate compartments for money and cards
  • Solid brass hardware for No.38


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Story - Behind The Collection

One of our team members (Yusuf), has been using no.38 for 4 years. It ages beautifully and softens with time. In 2018 we developed line no.40 due to customer demand.