Dominant Industry Inks

Dominant Industry is a newly (2020) established ink company in South Korea that combines two special technologies for their inks, a new type of oil-based ink and high-quality dye ink in order to create their beautiful colors. Each ink comes in a little droplet-shaped bottle, a pretty cardboard box, with a little cotton bag inside.

Dominant Industry Ink

Fine artists, illustrators, and pen enthusiasts worldwide have come to rely on Dominant Industry Inks for their quality and craftsmanship. Inspired by the traditional arts of East Asia, all of Dominant Industry's inks are handmade in small batches in Paju, South Korea.

Are Dominant Industry Inks Right for You?

  • Vivid Brilliance - Dominant Industry boasts a stunning range of colors, from classic hues to eye-catching vibrants. Sheen and shimmer inks add an extra touch of wonder, with customers praising their "sparkly" and "rose gold shimmer" qualities.
  • Reliable Standard Inks - Not all masterpieces require glitter! Dominant Industry's standard inks, free of shimmer particles, are lauded for their "great color intensity" and smooth performance in fountain pens.
  • Shimmer Potential with Fountain Pens - For those who crave a hint of shimmer, some customers have achieved success with Dominant Industry's shimmer inks in fountain pens, especially with wetter nibs.

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