TroubleMaker Inks

Troublemaker inks are known for their unique shading and sheen. Troublemaker inks are handmade in the Philippines. Comes in 60 ml plastic bottles. Popular colors are Milky Ocean, Abalone, Petrichor, and Kelp Tea. Let you and your fountain pen experience the TroubleMaker Inks difference.

Troublemaker inks

Troublemaker Inks are a small ink studio producing very attractive inks. Created by two teenagers from Cebu in 2018, Troublemaker Inks’ launch was celebrated for being the first Philippine fountain pen ink in the market. Their first ink collection featured Filipino and Cebuano inspiration such as green Hanging Rice, Luneta Twilight Pink, and Sinulog Black.

The brand was forced into hiatus during the first few months of COVID-19, with Cebu’s capital city being one of the worst hit by the pandemic.

Today, the Troublemaker Ink's team passion burns bright! They're constantly searching for exciting new possibilities in the world of fountain pen inks, embracing the joy of discovery and introducing fresh colors that redefine the writing experience.

Troublemaker Inks describing their selves;

  • Troublemaker Inks offers an artisanal alternative to contemporary fountain pen inks. Everything from the mixing, bottling, and packaging is done by hand.
  • Honest prices - Troublemaker Inks maintain an economic price-to-mL ratio because they don't put a premium on them. 100% of your purchase goes to the materials, transport, and directly supporting the people creating your ink.

Troublemaker Inks Popular Colors

  • Milky Ocean – Based on Royal blue with showing some pink, blue and bright turquoise. No sheen.
  • Abalone – Based on blue-grey with showing some pink, dark blue, greys, and green turquoise. No sheen.
  • Petrichor – Based on deep grey with showing some pink, dark greys, and green turquoise. No sheen.
  • Kelp Tea – Based on deep olive with showing some browns and greens. No sheen.
  • Sea Glass – A versatile green with both cool and warm tones, offering a range of depth depending on application.

Choose vibrant colors, exceptional quality, and support a passionate team dedicated to the art of writing. Every bottle is mixed, bottled, and packaged by hand in the Philippines.