Online Vintage Pen Stores, Except eBay

by Katy Klassman March 14, 2022

Online Vintage Pen Stores, Except eBay

The saying “out with the old, in with the new” may be true for a lot of things, but when it comes to fountain pens there is certainly room for both. For some, vintage fountain pens are a preference whether it be because of the nibs or because of the beautiful materials (we’re looking at you celluloid!) For others, they add history and provenance to a collection, harkening back to the beginnings and origins of the fountain pen hobby. Whether you are a beginner or a long time enthusiast, we hope this list offers you a comprehensive list of the places where antique, vintage and limited editions of the past might be discovered. If you know of a place that we’ve missed (and you’d like to give up your secret,) please let us know in the comments.

Peyton Street Pens (US)

For over a decade Teri Morris has been restoring and selling vintage pens. Peyton Street Pens offers a wide selection of American brands and is well known for their accurate pictures and descriptions. Buyers particularly appreciate their weekly updates of fresh inventory.

Go Pens (US)

GoPens was started by Gary Lehrer . Though the store is still active, Gary sadly passed away in January 2022. A beloved member of the pen community Gary made fountain pen cataloging an art form. A quarterly online offering of his pens was always something to look forward to. He will be missed and remembered by many who had the good fortune to know him and add a pen from his collection or findings to their own.

Pen Board (DE)

Penboard is truly a treasure. If you are looking for a rare, vintage, or modern Montblanc, or a postwar German flex, Penboard can be just the place to find it. Unusual vintage pens, recreated and restored pens, can all be found on the site. Penboard is run by pen enthusiasts Tom Westerich, Lutz Fiebig and Max Schrage .

Izods Pens (UK)

izods is based in the U.K. and owned by Roy van den Brink-Budgen, who has a huge passion for all things ink related and is a fountain (no pun intended) of knowledge when it comes to prestigious writing instruments, especially Montblanc. Izods has a wide selection of special and limited editions of European pens.

Martini Auctions (DE )

If you are looking for a Pelikan, even a rare one, Martini Auctions is a smart place to look. It is managed  by Regina Martini, who is also known as a reputable eBay seller.

Letizia Lacopini (IT)

Letizia Lacopini, the owner and curator of tenpen has written several publications about fountain pens. Her store specializes in vintage and rareItalian fountain pens.

David Nishimura (US)

Run by David Nishimura, The Vintage Pens Website was launched at the beginning of 1997. It brings online David’s thirty plus years of experience in fountain pen collecting, dealing, and scholarship.

Grand Vision Pens (UK)

Grand Vision Pens are British sellers of pre-loved vintage and modern fountain pens, notebooks and accessories. They offer a wide selection of Parker, Waterman, and Swan pens.

Vintage Fountain Pens (UK)

UK based seller of the American and British Vintage pens.

Antique Digger (US)

Based in Southwest Florida, Antique Digger picks the Southeast region of the U.S.A. The major focus of Antique Digger is the sale of fountain pens, fountain pen restoration, and repair. Many rare and unusual Waterman and Parker pens can be found on Greg’s website.

Penrealm (US)

If you've ever been to pen shows, it’s likely that you have seen Kirk Speers. If you’re fortunate, you will have a nib that has been ground or tuned by him. A well-respected nibmeister, the Penrealm website also offers vintage pens for sale.

Missing Pen (DE)

At the beginning of the 2000s, Missing Pen was an eBay seller with a wide range of Pelikan pens and accessories that attracted everyone's attention. They now have their own website, with a selection of German-made new modern and vintage pens.

Fountainpenrecycler (US)

The Fountain Pen Recycler was founded in 1989 by Mike Carter, the owner of Crystal Coins, Collectibles, and a collector of vintage fountain pens, writing equipment and ephemera for over 45 years. In 2018, Mike's son, Mike Jr. joined his dad to learn the business. Mike Jr. has acquired the same love of pens as his dad and will take over the helm of their operation when he retires.

Inter Pens (DE)

Run by Lutz Fiebig, Interpens offers pen repair, restoration and nib grinding services. They have a nice selection of vintage pens on their website.

Indy Pen Dance (US)

Linda & Mike are the owners of IPD. With a passion for fountain pens, they began the way that many do and then started to turn pens. They have a "monthly pen show tray" section on their website that offers a variety of vintage pens.

Pentooling (US)

If you are looking for a vintage pen part, Pentooling should be the first place you look. They offer pen parts, restoration and various tools for maintaining your fountain pens.

Chatterleyluxuries (US)

Founded in 2005 by owner Bryant Chatterley Greer. Chatterley Luxuries, specializes in fine writing instruments and timepieces. This is a great source for modern special edition pens and also high end vintage pens.

Dylan Stephen Pens (UK)

Dylan Stephen luxury pens is a small online family business in the U.K. Their specialty is Montblanc pens and they have a very solid knowledge of the brand. They stock many other luxury brands including Montegrappa, Cartier, Pelikan, Waterman, S.T. Dupont, Parker, Onoto, and Visconti.

Japan Treasure Trove (JP)

Japantreasuretrove is a well-known eBay seller. Their website is solely focused on vintage Montblanc pens.

Greg Minuskin Pens (US)

Greg Minuskin is a longtime and well-known nibmeister.His site offers nib grinding, repair and  also has a selection of vintage pens for sale.

Five Star Pens (US)

Five Star Pens is primarily dedicated to the sale of Vintage Fountain Pens and related items. Here you will find Parker 51s, Parker Duofolds, Waterman's, Sheaffer's, Wahl Eversharp, and Montblanc.

The Pen Market (US)

Run by Nathaniel Cerf,  The Pen Market is a place where you can buy, sell and trade pens of any era. The business got its start in South Dakota.

Tims Vintage Pens (US )

Tim Ettenheim, describes himself this way. "Tim’s Vintage Pens is a hobby practice — I restore and sell what I find interesting. I strive to restore and make available a wide variety of American and European pens, generally from the 1910s-1970s, from the well-known Parkers and Sheaffers, to the lesser known and less often seen, many of which suffered only from inadequate marketing."

Andys-pens (UK)

Andy Evans has been interested in fountain pens and writing instruments in general for about twenty years. Here he sells a selection of vintage pens and accessories.

Pendemonium (US)

Pendemonium is a full time online writing equipment shop owned by Sam and Frank Fiorella. Pendemonium was established in 1993 in Montclair, Virginia, moved to Fort Madison, Iowa in May 2000, and then to Kingman, Arizona in June, 2014.

Ross Pens (US)

Ross pens is based in North Carolina and is run by Ross McKinney. Here you can find a selection of vintage and new modern pens.

The Penguin Pen (US)

Rick Propas is the sole proprietor of The PENguin, a website for fountain pen collectors that focuses on Parkers, Pelikans and other German and American pens.

The Pen Show (US)

Chicago based The Pen Show offers special edition pens.

Heritage Collectables (UK )

The proprietors of Heritage Collectables have been buying and selling vintage writing instruments for over twenty years. They are based in Surrey UK and in Normandy France.

Fuellhalter Zentrale (DE)

Fuellhalter Zentrale is a relatively new store offering a selection of interesting Kaweco and Montblanc fountain pens.

Paul's Pens (US)

With more than thirty years of collecting experience, Paul Erano is a friendly and familiar figure at many of the pen shows throughout the United States. He writes extensively about fountain pens and his work appears regularly in various pen publications. He is the publisher of The Fountain Pen Journal (FPJ).

Main Street Pens (US)

Run by Ron Zorn, Main Street Pens went “public” and began doing on-site complete pen restorations at vintage pen shows across the Northeast in 2003 . They also offer restoration and repair services.

Protopens (US)

Formerly uber pens, Protopens offers a selection of European pens on their website.

Vintage and Modern Pens (UK)

Vintage and Modern Pens was launched in 2014 by Ray Walters. He is located just outside of London and regularly participates in specialist pen shows across the UK, Europe and the USA.


Fountain Pen Hospital (US)

New York based FPH has an extensive vintage pens section on their site.

Appelboom (NL)

Nertherland based Appelboom now sells pre-owned pens in addition to their extensive offerings of modern and limited edition pens.

Nibs (US) was founded by well known fountain pen expert John Mottishaw, and has a pre-owned pens section on their site.

Dromgooles (US)

A Houston based family-owned business, Dromgooles has been putting ink on paper since 1961. Dromgooles has a very large selection of modern pens and pen related items alongside an offering of vintage and used pens.

Anderson Pens (US)

Anderson Pens based in Wisconsin and Chicago sells new pens, pen related items and a selection of vintage pens from American brands.

The Writing Desk (UK)

UK based The Writing Desk is a family-run business established in 2000 by Anna and Martin Roberts. They offer a nice selection of vintage pens, which they fully service, check and guarantee.

Sakura Fountain Pen Gallery (BE) 





Fountain Pen Network


Virtual Pen Show

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