Leather Slim B6 Notebook / Planner Cover - Crazy Horse Forest Green

$39.00 USD

Color: C.H. Forest Green

100% Handmade in Turkey


Handmade Crazy Horse Smoky Grey Leather Slim B6 Notebook / Planner Cover


Crazy Horse Forest Green/Distressed
Distressed dark green color showing under-tones of light green, sacramento and emerald. Ages and softens quicker compared to regular leather. Suede feeling finish.


Open 29.5 cm x 19.5 cm (11.6 x 7.7 inches)
Closed 14 cm x 19.5 cm (5.5 x 7.7 inches) 


  • 100% vegetable tanned cow leather
  • Hand stitched using waxed polyamide thread


Save yourself the hassle of digging around your bag for your notebook and pen again with this classy notebook cover. Our Handmade Crazy Horse Smoky Grey Leather Slim B6 Notebook / Planner Cover is the perfect way to store your everyday notebook for work, study or personal use. The simple, slim design ensures an effortless fit in your handbag, backpack or briefcase, so you can carry it wherever you go.

Compatible with:

Can also store other accessories (as pictured):

  • A pen 
  • Stamps
  • Credit Cards

*Pen and accessories are not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Sande (Independence, US)
Beautiful and Durable

I have several Galen Leather products. The quality is consistent and their leathers hold up to daily use. I like that I don't have to treat them delicately. They're dumped in my bag and still look new and their undyed leather ages beautifully.

I've never had any issues with Galen Leather products and recommend them to friends and family.

Carlos (Sylmar, US)
Good! Just one thing!

I’ve known about Galen Leather for some time
now and always wanted to try one of their journal covers. I bought their undyed leather cover about a month and a half ago and my impressions are mostly good! I won’t speak too much about the overall quality because it’s been said enough already. It’s a quality handmade product! The stitching is fairly neat and my B6 Stalogy fit perfectly, as expected. I think Galen Leather offers great value for your money.

Overall I would rate the journal 4/5 stars because the undyed cover I received was a lot darker than I was expecting. The stock pictures and reviews I’ve seen show a more rose or salmon color, but my journal cover was tan. I almost wonder if I received an older cover that already had patina. If thats the case then I’m disappointed because I was looking forward to see the aging process myself.

I attached two photos. The lighter color is exactly as I received it and the second photo is after I applied Galen Leather’s leather conditioner. To be clear, I am not disappointed that the journal cover darkened so much after the application of the conditioner. Rather, I’m disappointed that it was darker to begin with.

That’s my only gripe in an otherwise good journal cover. I would still recommend buying Galen Leather’s journal covers and products. In fact. I just bought a writer’s box from the seconds sale and I’m really excited to receive it! :)

Colin E. (Plymouth, GB)
B6 Notebook Cover; Crazy Horse Navy Blue

Purchased to match other items in same colour, this is the perfect cover to protect my current notebook when out and about. Originally secured both notebook covers, but now prefer to keep the left side pocket clear for other items. The elastic pen-loop is suitable for all my pens. Definitely recommended.

Rachel L. (Singapore, SG)
This fits a Sterling Ink Common Planner / Papertess Designs Yearly Perfectly!!

I usually dont write reviews, but thought i’d share my thoughts on this cover!
Firstly, I am IN LOVE with the natural leather. The piece I have shows a lot of character. I was a little hesitant because I didnt know if it would fit a 520 page TRP planner. But it does fit beautifully as seen in the pictures :) Sterling Ink / Papertess B6 works! The colour looks a little more like a salmon pink in real life

Jen R. (Lebanon, US)
Stylish and Practical

I recently acquired the Leather Slim B6 Notebook Cover, and it has quickly become an indispensable part of my daily life. This slim, unassuming notebook cover has proven to be a stylish and practical addition to my stationery collection.

One of the standout features of this notebook cover is its compatibility with Field Notes notebooks. I use it to house my planner and journal. The slim design ensures that my notebooks stay protected without adding unnecessary bulk. It's an ideal choice for those who are always on the go, like me.

The undyed leather is a unique and beautiful choice. I appreciate the natural, rustic look it brings to the cover. Over time, this leather will develop a lovely patina, becoming a reflection of my daily use and adventures. It's a testament to the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship of the product.

The leather feels substantial and durable, promising longevity and reliable protection for my notebooks. It's clear that this notebook cover is made with care and attention to detail, a hallmark of quality craftsmanship.

The Leather Slim B6 Notebook Cover has proven to be more than just a protective sleeve for my Field Notes notebooks; it's a statement piece that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to my daily routine. The simplicity of the design allows me to focus on what truly matters – my notes, plans, and ideas.

In summary, the Leather Slim B6 Notebook Cover has won me over with its compatibility, quality leather, and minimalist design. It offers an excellent way to keep my Field Notes notebooks safe while adding a touch of style to my daily life. If you're in search of a reliable and aesthetically pleasing notebook cover, I highly recommend this product. It's the perfect companion for anyone who appreciates the art of journaling and organization.

amieltimbol@gmail.com (Winnipeg, CA)
Worth the Time and Money

This notebook cover is made with quality in mind. They actually do make them when ordered so I had to wait about a week or two for the cover to be made, plus the shipping time which was quite fast.

The Package:
When I ordered it, I was thinking I was only getting the cover by itself in some common packaging box. But to my surprise, it came in this fancy cardboard box which contain the following:
1. a red zip bag which contains a thank-you/info card that is probably handwritten (the ink had some light and dark areas suggesting it's handwritten),
2. three packets of tea and coffee from Turkey,
3. a beautiful postcard,
4. a card/certificate detailing who and when the leather good is made,
5. a coupon for the next purchase,
6. a leather pen sleeve,
7. and the leather B6 notebook cover.

The Notebook Cover:
I have a B6 notebook that is 15x182x128mm in size with a paperboard cover. This leather cover fits just right although it was a bit of a challenge to slip the notebook's soft paperboard cover into the sleeves.

The sleeves where you insert the notebook's paperboard cover each have a horizontal slit that runs almost across the sleeve so you can store credit card/bookmark in it. You can also use the sleeve itself to store any cards that won't fit the slit.

The backside sleeve has a little folded loop on the top right corner for attaching a medium-sized pen. Upon opening and closing the notebook, the paperboard cover does tend to slip out from the sleeve since nothing is holding it in place. So, adjustments and care need to be taken when closing (or opening) the notebook. This is just how it is.

This leather cover does have this weird but pleasant smell (imagine the sensation of smelling gasoline), probably from the dyeing and curing process of the leather. It kinda smells like gunpowder and that's not exactly bad to me.

I chose Crazy Horse Brown because I find it to be a better shade of brown plus the rustic look. The leather is quite smooth, soft and relatively thick.

Although the thread for stitching the whole cover looks thin, it's most likely a double stitch (very durable stitching method that uses two threads) because I do not see any markings from a sewing machine imprinted along the stitch line. Take this with a grain of salt though because I'm not an expert. I only picked up some leather knowledge from watching Youtube videos.

The Extra Goodies:
I haven't tried the coffee and tea packets yet so I can't say much about that but I do enjoy tasting foreign brands of tea and coffee.

The red zip bag is just about as big as my notebook and currently holds my brush-pens, the leather pen sleeve and some of the cards all together.

The leather pen sleeve is made with a different colour and thickness of leather. It would be nice if it matched the notebook cover but, hey, it's free. The fact that that was included along with the other stuff is already proof that the manufacturer cares and takes pride with their products. So, there's no problem with that.

As for the cards, well, those are straightforward. I use some of them as bookmarks and keep the rest around with the fancy box as it feels rude to just throw them out (They really went all out after all).

This rustic leather cover is wonderful. It always brings an extra sense of pleasure whenever I write in my notebook. I've only had it for about a month but I'm sure it will serve me well for many more years to come. Thank you Galen Leather for this wonderful notebook cover.

Tiffany W.
Still in love!

After using her for almost two years now, I am still so smitten with this piece…she’s currently being used for moon journaling, and I really couldn’t have chosen a more suitable option…all of the character and little imperfections acquired over time just add to the absolute perfection of her which is so reminiscent of the moon…love her!

Rebecca B. (Clarksville, US)
Great fit and color

Bought this hoping it would fit the common planner full year and it does! So excited to us this. It is not too bulky, minimal and handles well being tossed in my work bag. Love the pen loop to always ensure I have a pen instead of dig around.

Tyler L. (Minneapolis, US)
Awesome Cover!

It's hard to find a good B6 sized cover, but this one is great! Make sure and fill it with a notebook that doesn't have a thick spine or cover, otherwise it won't shut correctly.

Cecilia N. (San Jose, US)
Must-have cover for journals

Luscious leather, expert craftsmanship, great design… do it.

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