KWZ Inks

KWZ ink is manufactured by Korad Zurawski, who has a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He's Inks have been manufactured in small batches in Warsaw Poland since 2012. 

Production is not on a large scale instead, they focus on creating inks from scratch that are a little less common, or are not to be found elsewhere. These inks are for wordsmithing, hand lettering, writing, calligraphy, drawing, and art. Bring your words to life with KWZ inks and learn what makes each of their inks special.

Popular KWZ Inks

  • Honey - Praised for its beautiful shading, sweet vanilla scent, and good readability.
  • Grey Plum - A well-liked option for its unique color.
  • Walk over Vistula - Appreciated for its color and performance.
  • Iron Gall Turquoise - Noted for its lovely color and water resistance.
  • El Dorado - Considered to be very pretty, but with a long dry time.