B5 Notebooks

Our B5 Notebooks are the perfect size for note-taking! We offer a range of lined, graphed and blank paper options, so you can match your creative endeavour.

Also known as extra large and composition size, the B5 size is in between A4 and A5 and makes for a perfect everyday notebook. Learn more about notebook sizes.

“Dear diary, today I ordered a new B5 journal from Galen Leather Co, and it was the best day ever!”

Whether you’re in the market for a new diary or a new everyday notebook, the B5 journal size is a popular choice. It’s an ideal size to leave on your desk or to accompany you to meetings.

Our hand-bound pages result in a well-crafted B5 bullet journal that you’re sure to awe over. We intentionally choose paper that is going to accommodate your favorite pen choice by avoiding ink from leaking to the next page.

Throughout our years of making journals, we’ve recognized a shift in the stationery world. As many people turn towards making everything digital, we’ve found that the people who stick with stationary really care about the products they’re choosing.
This is one of the reasons we take pride in creating durable and beautiful B5 notebooks. We want you to be excited about the B5 journal that you choose to write in.  

We have also crafted a collection of leather B5 zip folios and composition notebook covers that will gain character together with the journal you fill it with.