18 Top Writing Prompts for Journaling

by Galen Leather May 11, 2020

18 Top Writing Prompts for Journaling

Inspiration will come calling eventually – but sometimes you just need to put your writing away and visit it at another time.

One of the best ways to get the creative juices flowing is to start with one of these handy writing prompts.

Topics to Write About When Journaling

Journaling is fun and even healthy, but sometimes the writing muse doesn’t come by when we’d like. When you’re looking for inspiration, try these writing ideas in your journaling notebook.

1. What I’m Thankful For...

    Being grateful reminds us of all the blessings we have, and it’s easy to get in a habit of writing at the end of the day. 

    2. My Goals for Tomorrow...

      As another end-of-day journal idea, this idea can get a person motivated to take on the next day and achieve goals.

      3. A Letter to My Old Self...

        Think about where you were one, five, or ten years ago, and write a letter telling your old self what you wish you would’ve known. It can help you see how far you’ve come.

        4. Things That Make Me Happy...

          While this is another journaling idea focused on positivity, it doesn’t have to be based on the day before – it can be any collection of people, places, things, or feelings that bring you joy.

          5. What I Learned Today...

            Whether it’s a new skill or a fresh take on life, it pays to write down moments of wisdom – after a few months or years, you’ll have a book full of life-changing epiphanies to look back on.

            6. How I Was Kind to Others Today...

              Record acts of kindness you did for others – then try and take notice over the coming weeks about how your acts helped change that person’s outlook and behavior.

              7. How I Was Kind to Myself Today...

                To be kind to others, you must first be kind to yourself. Whether you bought yourself a special treat, took some extra downtime, or ordered that product you’d been following online, document your gesture of self-kindness so you’ll remember how it made you feel.

                8. What I Wish Others Knew About Me...

                  No one knows you as you know yourself. Consider writing out the aspects of your character you wish others knew about and see if this helps those characters show more naturally.

                  9. This Makes Me Sad...

                    Journaling doesn’t always have to be about happy thoughts. Sometimes the pages can be the perfect spot to externalize what makes you sad, angry, or even scared.

                    10. How’s My Health...

                      Did you feel particularly full of energy and life today? Were there any nagging aches or pains you noticed? Document both and record what your body is saying to you.

                      11. I Tried This Today...

                        Whether you listened to a new song or tried a new restaurant for dinner, document your new experiences and see how much trying fresh things changes your life.

                        12. The Words I Need to Hear...

                        Do you need some constructive feedback? Someone to tell you you’re doing fine, or how you could do better? Write the words you need to hear and let the journal do the talking.

                        13. What are My Worst Habits...

                        Introspective journal topics aren’t always about learning the things we need to – sometimes it’s about the things we need to stop doing. Whether it’s how you talk to others, ways you talk to yourself, or even relatively harmless actions like biting your nails, write down what you’d like to change.

                        14. Describe the Day in Ten Words or Less...

                          Journal ideas don’t always have to fill up your page. Describing the day in a short sentence can help you be more creative with your words.

                          15. What I Should Say Yes To...

                          Document everything you should say yes to, but have been putting off, such as an opportunity you’ve been hesitant about accepting. This can help you understand why you’re avoiding it.

                          16. What I Should Say No To...

                          We all end up going along with things when we feel we should say no. When you write down those things, it makes it much easier to spot them and say no in the future.

                          17. What the Future Could Hold...

                            Topics to write about can often be focused on anticipating the future. Whether it’s a job you’re applying for or somewhere you hope to move, write about what you’re looking forward to – it can give you added motivation to achieve it.

                            18. What to Leave Behind in the Past...

                              Writing prompts can also be used to help us overcome the negative aspects of our past. By noting those things you promise to leave behind, it’s much easier to honor that commitment.

                              No Matter Your Preferred Writing Prompts, We Can Improve the Experience

                              There are plenty of writing prompts to choose from, each offering a different way to express your creativity and helping you in a certain way. However, no matter what you’re writing about in your leather writing journalwhere you’re writing it can make all the difference.

                              From leather journals to notebooks and more, we have nearly every type of setup you could want to journal with style. Contact us to learn more.

                              Galen Leather
                              Galen Leather


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