What Is A Dopp Kit & What Are The Essentials Items To Pack In One?

August 10, 2018

What Is A Dopp Kit & What Are The Essentials Items To Pack In One?

Definition and Origin

A Dopp kit is a term used particularly in the States for toiletry bags. The name is derived from the early 20th-century leather artisan known as Charles Doppelt. Charles Doppelt was, a leather-smith person from Germany who invented this handy little bag out of leather back. Initially, it was introduced as a "toilet bag," however, over the years, a better name of "Dopp Kit" became widely used. The name Dopp was adapted since in the American culture, the word "toilet" has more of a dirty connotation to it. During the second world war, the kit became popular as these kits were introduced into the military. Samsonite purchased Doppelt's company in the 1970s in order to produce and register a trademark on the Dopp kit. He had a company which designed the case in 1926.

The Dopp kit differs from a Toiletry bag in that the Dopp kit is quite large and can fit a larger amount of products while a toiletry bag is smaller and is more like a pouch that can be zipped.

Necessities of a Dopp Kit

Every Dopp kit should contain at least 6-8 essential items you will need for any destination because no matter what happens in a given day, you will need one of these items listed. You need to include basic items in your Dopp kit such as;

  • A toothbrush and naturally a small tube of toothpaste,
  • A deodorant,
  • A bar of soap,
  • A lotion,
  • Shaving cream and your preferred shaving tool.

Once you have packed the items you know you cannot live without, think of the items that you need when you arrive at your destination. Always consider your destination in your planning. A business trip with executives will require you to look sharp at times so you may want to pack a lint brush and a sewing kit in case you cannot get to the dry cleaners. A weekend at a beach resort or a camping trip calls for more sunscreen, insect repellant, wipes, and a sanitizer.

In a man's trip with the gang, it is expected to be wild so pack some extra aspirin and hangover remedies. All men also need to pack the following.

  • Soap

Hotel soaps are a waste and the products used are generally crummy. Most men like a simple life, and as a result, they opt to look for cheap products. Because of this, they are often left with cheap hotel soap that dries out their skin. Hotel soaps contain all types of alcohols and additives that leave a film on the skin and creates a barrier against moisturising. To avoid this get a travel size version of your favourite soap and pack it in your Dopp kit to ensure your skin stays smooth.

  • Shampoo

No one enjoys having dandruff on their heads. If you are travelling and you fully depending on the hotel shampoos to wash your hair, then you will be failing your hair. Hotel shampoos have no conditioning agent and dry out your hair after just one wash. This can lead to damaged ends causing even the best style to look dull. Avoid a disastrous situation by bringing along your shampoo, and your hair will surely thank you.

  • Body Lotion

One essential item that men forget to pack is the body lotion. If you are travelling in the winter, ALWAYS pack your body lotion or your skin will be dried out. If you are also, if you are travelling to the desert, it might leave your skin ravaged if you forget to carry the lotion. Remember that dry skin can be hard to reverse. You do not want to be left with dry skin because of a few day trips. Make sure to pack a small travel size lotion, so your full-size bottle is not seized at the airport.

  • Hair Comb

A hair comb should easily fit into your Dopp kit and will make a big difference in your style since you will need to go out once in a while in your trip. This is especially important if you are on a business trip or going to a large event. Unbrushed hair can lead to hard knots to get out or hair that is unkempt. Packing your brush can ensure that you keep looking fresh and dapper.

  • Men Wipes

Don't be uncomfortable on your trip with unfortunate toiletries. Bring along your own set of wipes and use them whenever the situation arises. Your wipes will help you stay clean and ready to go. The travel packs perfectly fit into your Dopp kit without scooping too much space. Your Dopp kit can only hold so much stuff, so it would be best to place your toiletries, especially skin and hair products into small travel-friendly containers.

  • Shaving Tools and Oil

For bearded men, you will look shaggy with untrimmed beards. Always carry your shaving tools when travelling and do not forget an aftershave cream which you will use to prevent dry skin around the shaved areas.

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