Introducing Our Handmade Leather Jibun Techo B6 Slim Cover

by Galen Leather May 01, 2018 2 Comments

Introducing Our Handmade Jibun Techo B6 Slim Cover
The Jibun Techo by Kokuyo is not just another ordinary single calendar year planner. It's a “lifebook,” designed to last your whole life. This planner system is customizable to your lifestyle and needs. It's a 3-in-1 system that allows you to focus on these three aspects of your life.
  • 'Diary' for everyday planning
  • 'Llife' for big life events
  • 'Ideas' for those little sparks of inspiration that often come when you're least prepared
All Jibun Techo items are only available in Japanese.
Due to popular demand, we created our very own Jibun Techo B6 Slim Cover, specially designed to house your Jibun Techo B6 planner.
One of our customers celverly uses the Jibun B6 slim with our wallet insert.
Jibun techo planner b6 slim leather cover


Jibun techo planner b6 slim leather cover


Actually, we don't have a dedicated cover for Jibun Techo B6 slim size.

But, as stated above, customers reported, our regular size Traveler's notebook wallet insert, compatible with Jibun B6 slim size. Items: Jibun Techo B6 Slim Cover

 ** Please note this cover fits only one insert, not the whole system.

Galen Leather
Galen Leather


2 Responses


January 12, 2021

Past hier ook de Stalogy B6 in, ik kan daar moeilijk een leren cover voor vinden!


November 22, 2020

I can´t find your very own Jibun Techo B6 Slim Cover. I want to order it, where can I?
Best Regards

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