Field Notes Dime Novel Edition Cover

by Galen Leather March 30, 2018

Traveler's Notebook Wallet Insert - Field Notes Dime Novel Edition - Galen Leather

Anyone who has ever owned a Field Notes notepad will know the quality is second to none and they're the perfect accomplice to carry with you everyday. If you're a creative person, you know all too well that inspiration and ideas tend to hit at the most unexpected times, so it's always handy to have a notepad within arms reach. Or maybe you need to take notes on the job for work, such as measurements, contact details or an important reminder. Or maybe you just need to scribble thoughts and feelings down once in a while, and a Field Note's notebook offers a compact and lightweight solution.

The Dime Novel is Field Notes Brand’s limited edition notebook. Dime Novel was inspired by both the genre’s form and its history.

The notebook has a lot of differences, compared to the classic Field Notes editions. First, the size is 4 ¼ by 6 ½ inches. It is a unique size in the notebook world. It’s about a half-inch taller than A6 and wider.

Secondly, in the binding. The 72 body pages are sewn in three, 24-pages, then securely glued into the cover.

And lastly, it's set apart with its unique page ruling. Dime Novels come with blank pages, not ruling. But the pages are numbered.

We tried the Dime Novel edition with our popular leather wallet insert and we're so proud to say, it fits like a dime! You can see below pictures.

You can purchase it by clicking Wallet Insert.

field notes dime novel edition leather cover


field notes dime novel edition leather cover


field notes dime novel edition leather cover


field notes dime novel edition leather cover


Galen Leather
Galen Leather


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