Leather Flap Pen Cases

Our Handmade Leather Flap Pen Cases are ideal for keeping your fountain pens and pencil in one safe place.

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Save yourself the hassle of digging around in your bag for a pen or having a pen leak through your jacket pocket. Each case is handmade from high quality vegetable tanned leather and naturally, only gets better with age.  

Leather Flap Pen Cases

These sleek leather cases will hold from 2 to 4 pens with a simple design that you may even be able to slip right in your jacket pocket to keep them easily accessible. There are separate pen sleeves for each pen and the flap closes over the top so you can make sure the pens themselves are fully secure. On top of that, you're going to have plenty of color options in each fountain pen case, from traditional leather colors in different tones of brown all the way to bright and brilliant purple, blue, yellow, orange and a whole lot more.

Don't miss out on getting your fountain pen leather pouch monogrammed either. It creates a perfect gift or makes sure that you are going to love this case even more. Made with 100% vegetable tanned leather, these cases are hand-stitched and made with care. You're going to love your leather fountain pen case and so is everyone that you show it to. Even better, you can choose the perfect size and the right pens that will slip right inside for a perfect fit. Your best pens are going to be ready to go whenever you are.  

Key Points

  • Various capacity options for 2, 3, 4 pens
  • Invidual slots for each pen
  • Major (for 4 pens) especially designed for oversized fountain pens like Montblanc 149, Pelikan 1000 and Omas pens.
  • All sizes are portable in pocket.

Story - Behind The Collection

The flap pen case collection is newer compared to other models. The flap covered collection, which was the released first time in 2017, has been very popular in the fountain pen community. After a lot of requests from oversized fountain pen users, we developed Major pen case for four pens in 2018