The Evil Eye: Charming Your Order with a Little Something Special

by Galen Leather November 08, 2022

The Evil Eye Meaning

At Galen Leather, we pride ourselves on providing elegant, handy tools any writer can benefit from.

From notebook covers, pen cases, bags, and more, our selection of products look great and all serve a practical purpose. Including the extra something special we throw in with every order – the evil eye.

This charm is added in as a courtesy for a couple of reasons. One, it matches our unique product catalog and aesthetic. Also like our products, it can be a conversation starter for any writer.

Let’s look at what the eye is, where it came from, and what you can do with the charm.

What is an Evil Eye?

For all of human history, there’s been something significant about the eye. There’s perhaps no piece of human anatomy so shrouded in lore and mysticism than the eye.

Beyond just being “the window to the soul” and a passive portal to something special within, the eye is often thought to possess great power. It’s not just an observer, but an influencer.

The evil eye is viewed as a looking glass to the true qualities of a person. For example, one may look into the eyes of a conversation partner and try to gauge whether they are being truthful and sincere. From looking into the eyes of another, you can sense their anger, sadness, joy or compassion.

However, if the eye can allow one to see those inward qualities, there’s also a case that it could project them outward. We see this illustrated in many phrases – “looks that kill,” or “icy glare.” The Greek philosopher Plutarch once suggested the eye could release invisible rays capable of killing others. 

The evil eye is the idea that a curse or projection of bad energy can be put on another person simply through a glare with a negative emotion behind it.

Where Did the Evil Eye Come From?

The concept dates back over 5,000 years by some accounts to the Sumerian cuneiform texts of 3,000 B.C. Drawings found in caves in Spain 10,000 years ago as the earliest also document signs of the eye.

Others dub Turkey as the “official” birthplace for its concept, name, and likeness as its known today. To this day, there are still blue eyes adorning Turkey on pottery, jewelry, and glass.

While this could tie the eye to the sky god Tengri, a Turkish deity popular before the adoption of Islam in the region, there are also mentions of the eye in different texts throughout the ages in various parts of the world.

Evil Eye Prevalence in Different Regions and Religions

The eye has changed names as it has moved through different regions, such as transforming into ‘ayin harah (Hebrew). It also took on other cultural conversions in the form of baskania (Greek) and fascinatio (Roman).

Even the Bible references the eye in both the Old and New Testaments. The Apostle Paul once penned a letter to the Anatolia tribe, asking who hurt them with the eye. While it goes by many names, the eye has retained a common meaning throughout the world.

Why We Include the Evil Eye in Purchases

If there’s one thing we understand, beyond how to craft elegant writing tools, it’s the customers we sell them to.

Writers are creators. We’re imaginative, artistic, and a little eclectic at times. We can appreciate the symbolism, history, art, and all the elements that go into the anomaly of the eye.

Artists and creative types usually have an appreciation for concepts like how energy, intent, and will influence others – or even themselves, such as how a will to write can empower work. We include the eye not only because it may be appreciated, but because it could also be helpful.

What to Do with the Charm

It’s crucial to distinguish the evil eye and evil eye jewelry. The true evil eye is thought of as a curse, hex, or transfer of bad energy sent from a human glare with malicious intent behind it.

Jewelry based around the eye is thought to be a form of evil eye protection. Using it is believed to ward off the negative effects of the eye and even function as a shield against it. The eye can be hung, mounted, or even put on a bracelet or amulet. Evil eye jewelry gives some people a feeling of security against the malicious will of others.

Can the Evil Eye Charm Offer You Protection?

While some people may scoff at the idea of the eye or any protection from it, the same could be said for many of the concepts associated with creative writing.

Is the concept of a muse visiting a person factually provable? Does writer’s block exist, and can it be warded off by certain habits? In the same way, creative types believe in these concepts, the idea of the eye and the protection from it can just as real.

Empower your writing work and also enjoy a jewel of one of the most famous and historically significant symbols in the world. Contact us today to place your order.

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