Leather Pen Sleeves

Galen Leather's range of Handmade Leather Pen Sleeves are the perfect way to keep your precious Fountain pens safe and secure. Save yourself the hassle of a leaky or lost fountain pen. Choose from a range of colors. Made from high-quality vegetable tanned leather that only gets better with age. Comes in single, double or triple size.

Leather Pen Sleeve - Elegance of Simplicity

Looking for a simple yet stylish way to carry 1 to 3 fountain pens to keep them protected and scratch-free? Whether you need a single pen sleeve or something slightly larger, our range of elegant leather pen sleeves are going to keep your favorite fountain pens in the best possible shape. Each sleeve is made using 100% vegetable tanned leather for the best quality and durability. The edges are tightly hand-stitched so the threads won't come lose after only a few uses and will hold each pen safe and secure.

Whether you plan to carry your pens in a briefcase, your suit pocket, your purse or anywhere else, a fountain pen holder is a must, not only to keep your other belongings safe, but just in case your pen should leak. We give you the option of tailoring your pen case through choice of color and monogram so you can show off your personal style every time you take it out.

Key Points

  • Single, double, triple options
  • Stiff leather will age beautifully over time, get softer with use, and mold to the shape of the pen
  • Compatible with most fountain pens and rollers, and even oversized pens
  • Sing and double sizes portable in pocket
  • Minimalist design

Story Behind The Collection

The pen sleeve collection was born in our early days, first as single and double sizes. At the end of 2016, we added the triple size to the range.