Is one of your friends or family members a writer? If they are then you know how important it is to have the best possible gift ideas for them, that really help them enjoy their craft. But what are you looking for? You should be looking for some amazing products that are all natural, unique, handmade and even a little unusual. These are all things you'll find right here, with our favorite gift ideas for writers, and even the option to create your own, personalized gift set.

Planner Cover

Does your friend really love carrying their planner around with them anywhere they go? Maybe their planner is more important to them than a purse or wallet. If that's the case then any of these 100% leather planner cases are going to be perfect. The covers have a space to hold a small planner as well as pens, tablets and a whole lot more. You're going to have the perfect gift for a writer and a great option when it comes to gifts for aspiring journalists.

Writing Box

If you need the perfect gifts for copywriters or gifts for poets and writers you're going to want to take a closer look at this authentic wood box. It's a solid case that will hold everything they need from the pens and pencils to books, notebooks and anything else that they might want to carry along. Everything that they need to set up shop and start writing anywhere is available right here.


When it comes to creative and unusual gifts you're going to love this sketchbox for your friends as well. It's a great box that will allow them to keep their pens, pencils, sketchpads and anything else they might need to be able to draw at a moments' notice. It's actually a clipboard with a slide-out box to hold everything they need, which is definitely going to make it convenient to get into. It's definitely a unique gift for anyone who loves art and wants to be able to take it with them.

Pencil Cases

When you're looking for simple but creative writing fits or Christmas gifts for writers you're going to love all of these pencil cases. Each one is made with 100% leather, making it beautiful, high quality and personalized, or at least, you can get it personalized. Whether it's a large zippered pouch or a small packet style pocket or a roll, you can store pencils and plenty of other small stationery items all in one place. This makes a pencil case, and especially one of these, a great option in gifts for copywriters.

Desk Organizers

If you want the perfect gift for a writer to keep on their desk you can pick out one of several different pencil and tool holders. Made of solid wood, these will hold differing amounts of tools and make sure everything is organized at all times. Not only that, but they come in several different types of wood and look super sleek and stylish.

Stationery Supplies

If you want something stylish and elegant you're going to want one of these brass products. like a protractor, ruler or paper clips. Each of them creates a unique and fun style and make sure that every time your friend gets out their supplies they're going to have something that lasts. They're also going to have something that makes them think of you.

Key Points

  • All handmade.
  • Unusual gifts, in usual things
  • Natural materials, Veg. Tanned Leather, Solid Wood, Solid Brass 
  • Special packaging with maker certificate.
  • Personalization option with embossed monogram.


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