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Kakimori Brass Nib For Dip Pens

$54.00 USD

Tired of broken glass dip pens while sampling ink? Kakimori has developed a great product for this. Kakimori brass nib is a handy dip pen nib that you can use when making ink swatches. Not only that, you can also change the line thickness by changing the angle of the pen. It has a high ink-holding capacity and is easy to clean.
*This listing is for brass nib only — nib holder sold separately. You can purchase the nib holder here. Also compatible with universal nib holders.

Setup Review Videos:

Handmade in Japan


Kakimori Brass Nib For Dip Pens


kakimori brass nib review

Solid Brass

The brass material is ideal for creating undulating lines and offers a smooth writing experience.Brass material develops a natural patina over time.


kakimori brass nib

The brass nib was created as a durable and practical nib. The nib point has been rounded and polished with meticulous care, providing an exceptionally smooth writing experience that defies expectations. Tilt the nib below 45 degrees to create undulating lines and paint strokes. Made to universal specifications to fit all standard nib holders, as well as those from our range.


kakimori dip pen
  • Precision-made nib, high ink-holding capacity.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Allows to write from different angles. 45 degrees maximum writing angle.
  • A great tool to make ink swaps in bulk.

Dimensions and Compatibility:

kakimori nib
  • Dimensions H30 x Ø6mm 
  • Weight 4g
  • Material Brass
  • Design Yuto Yamazaki
  • Manufacturer Alloy Inc.
  • Compatible with standard nib holders, like Tachikawa T-25

How to use the Kakimori Brass nib?

how to use kakimori brass nib

What you need:

1: Attach the nib

Hold the Metal nib and gently insert it into the nib holder while turning.

how to use kakimori brass nib insert

2: Dip in ink

Dip the nib in ink to soak, taking care to avoid contact with the base of the ink bottle.

brass nib ink

3: Write

Hold the pen at a 45-degree angle. Tilt the nib below 45 degrees to adjust the line width, or lay it flat to paint. Stainless steel and brass nibs have different characteristics — see the diagram at the end of this page. Initial ink flow may be slow due to the protective coating on the nib and will gradually improve with repeat rinsing and ink application. If ink becomes faint, turn the nib to release more ink from the grooves. One dip holds enough ink to fill a postcard. When setting down your pen, use a pen rest to keep it safely in place.

dip pen writing

4: Rinse

Rinse the nib in a container of water and dry with a soft, clean cloth. Use a toothbrush to remove stubborn ink in the grooves. If using detergent, a pH neutral detergent is recommended — avoid alkaline detergents as they will damage the nib surface.

cleaning dip pen

5: Remove

Hold the nib and gently pull out of the nib holder while turning. Remove any water from the nib mount by pointing it downwards and blotting with a tissue.

kakakimori dip pen cleaning

Caring for brass

Brass is a material that ages beautifully, developing a rich patina that is enhanced by use. It is also sensitive to moisture and humidity, which may cause rust or unwanted discoloration. Dry thoroughly whenever it comes into contact with water. To store the Metal nib in brass, remove it from the nib holder after use to prevent rust from forming around the insertion point. Take extra care to avoid rust on the nib tip which may affect writing quality. Applying strong force or impact to the precision-made nib may compromise ink flow. Please handle it with care.

brass discoloration


If this Brass Nib doesn’t suit your style, no problem. You can look at our fountain pens and replacement nibs.

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Handmade in Japan


kakimori brass nib package

Your brass nib will arrive in a cardboard box.

**The accessories in the picture are not included, the nib is the only product included.


1: Attach the nib, the nib is compatible with standard nib holders like Tachikawa T-25. 2: Dip the nib in ink to soak. 3: Hold the pen at a 45-degree angle. Tilt the nib below 45 degrees to adjust the line width, or lay it flat to paint.
To prevent the build-up of dry ink in the grooves, rinse frequently in water during use. To remove stubborn dry ink, gently scrub in water with a soft toothbrush. If using detergent, a pH neutral detergent is recommended. Avoid alkaline detergents as they will damage the surface.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
A. K. (Hamburg, DE)
Not smooth

Maybe I received a faulty brass nib, but mine was very scratchy and when I wrote with it it released the ink inconsistently and made dry lines and blotches. I stupidly tried to correct it myself with very fine sand paper, but ruined the nib completely. So don't try that if your brass nib is not good.

LHN (Round Rock, US)
Much nicer than glass

It is a bit pricey, especially considering one must buy the holder separately, however, it is a very high-quality and enjoyable tool. The nib is well made and holds a lot of ink, line thickness can be varied extensively depending on angle, and it is handsome to look at. Lovely for writing, swatching, or sketching.

Sylvie C. (Argentan, FR)

Très belle plume et surtout très bel envoie très soigné avec des petits cadeaux.
Je recommande le site pour de beaux achats.

Wren P. (Basingstoke, GB)
I Like it.

Holds lots of ink. Makes swatching and art work much easier.

Randy B. (Huntsville, US)
Brass Nib

I ordered the nib not knowing that after $53 dollars that it does not come with the nib holder pictured in the ad. I purchased it to replace glass nibs since I tend to bread the tips easily. The pros for the Nib once I purchased the stick holder was it is cosistant. The line in narrower than the glass nib but I don't have to worry about breaking it. For the price, which is high, is should have a holder. I don't think I would buy it again.

David K. (Bridgend, GB)
Kakimori Brass Nib & Sakura wood holder

The Kakimori brass nib raises the pleasure of ink swatching to a new level.

The nib is beautifully made and when fitted in the matching Kakimori Sakura wood holder they make a beautifully tactile & practical addition to my desk.

Danielle S. (Cedar Hill, US)

If you are used to writing with a glass dip pen, then this is a whole new level of writing experience. The brass nib is very smooth the write with and in my opinion holds more ink than some of the glass nibs I have tried. Very nice and worth the price.

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