Cool Desk Accessories To Give Your Desk A Makeover

by Galen Leather April 28, 2018

Cool Desk Accessories To Give Your Desk A Makeover

Your desk is where you make things happen. Whether you're a writer, drafting the next great novel, or an architect, designing a beautiful building. Maybe you're a mechanic and that's where you make your calls and schedule your appointments or you're a teacher and you grade papers there. Or maybe you're a student, studying for your last big exam that will propel you into your future as a high-flying game-changer. No matter what you're doing, you want your desk to reflect you. You want it to inspire you to show up to create, learn, teach, or innovate, each and every day.

With these cool wooden desk accessories, you'll have no problem giving your desk a makeover and creating an inspiring setup that will be the envy of everyone around you. Whether it's the wooden desk organizer that helps you store your stationary, or the smaller gadgets (like a mouse pad or ruler) that are going to make your life a whole lot easier, you'll fall in love with these artisan-made, personalized leather and wooden desk accessories.

Wooden Desk Organizer

First up is the wooden desk organizer; a sleek and solid mahogany block with spaces for over 14 different gadgets. It has 4 larger holes and 10 smaller ones that will hold anything from pens and pencils to scissors, ratchets, wrenches and more. No matter what your job, you can use this for your tools. 

Wooden Notepad Holder

For those who need to take note of their latest and greatest ideas, this wooden notepad holder is a great way to do it. It's made using the same mahogany as the desk organizer and looks every bit as sleek sitting on your desk. Even better, you'll be able to attach your notebook or papers and easily carry it around with you as you need while on the go. It features a pen holder slot and brass Chicago screws.

leather mousepad

Next up on the list is a leather mouse pad and matching leather desk pad, available in an array of different colors that lends a very high class touch to any office. If you're trying to create a stylish atmosphere this is definitely going to help you do it.

wooden laptop standThe wooden laptop stand is the perfect accomplice to a stylish desk. This minimalist stand is made entirely with walnut and offers a tilted riser for the laptop to make it more ergonomic for your viewing. It's innovative design also makes it easy to organize your cords to keep them tangle free and from getting in the way. The stand features latches at the ends to keep your laptop safe and secure.

tools to live by brass rulermark

brass rulerThe brass ruler and brass bookmark are two more great choices for your desk because they add a little bit of color with a modern twist. The brass ruler features the classic saying of anyone who works with cutting materials, 'measure twice, cut once' and gives you an 8" edge to do just that. With the bookmark, you'll never lose your place when reading your favorite books and it even doubles as a ruler itself. Both are definitely going to lend a fun twist to your desk setup as well.

wood pen holder

Now that you have a desk organizer, a mouse pad and laptop stand, and even rulers, notepads, scissors and more, what's missing? Your wood pen holder of course. You need something that's going to keep your favorite pens separate from all the other gadgets you have sitting around your desk and this pen holder is definitely going to do it. The solid wood holder has 1 larger hole for anything you might need and 15 small ones that will hold one pen each, giving you plenty of space.


The final accessory on our list is a pair of handmade black scissors. Made from authentic Japanese stainless steel and with a classy deep black color, they really are unique and something special. They even have a matte Teflon coating that helps them work even with sticky materials that may otherwise attach and never come off.

No matter what your job is, you're going to find some great uses for each and every one of these cool desk accessories. They're going to show your friends, relatives, peers, coworkers and even customers that you have a sense of style (even if you don't really think you do!). Using real mahogany and brass to build each one, you also know that you're getting high quality and durability that's going to last as long as you need it. Why settle for anything less than the perfect office setup?

Galen Leather
Galen Leather


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