Brass Stationery

March 22, 2018

Brass Stationery

Brass is the new popular material for stationery addicts.

In the past, brass was used in pen mechanisms. Afterward, plated with different materials like chrome, nickel.

Nowadays, people prefer to use raw brass.An uncoated and very well aging form.

We found a lot of different brass things at the flea markets and planning to reproduce some of them.

Brass Binder Clip Vintage

An old advertisement brass binder clip produced at 1950's

Rolling note holder brass

Vintage rolling note holder made of brass.Produced in US at 1920's

Brass note holder

Shopping list. Vintage brass card size note holder.Made in UK.

Brass paper clip set

Brass paper clip set, we reproduce and redesign from a vintage one.To buy it click brass paper clip

Brass Ruler

Brass ruler.Measure twice, cut once to buy it brass ruler

Brass Leather Perpetual Calendar

Brass Leather Perpetual Calendar.To buy it click Brass Perpetual Calendar

Brass Traveler's Notebook

Brass Traveler's Notebook.This is the first prototype.

Brass Tape Measure

Brass Tape Measure.Coming soon.

BrasS Binder Clip

Brass Binder Clip.

Brass Rulermark

Tool To Liveby Brass Rulermark .

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