Antique Brass Stationery Inspiration

by Galen Leather March 22, 2018

Antique Brass Stationary Inspiration from Galen Leather

In the past, brass was often used in antique pen mechanisms. As time went on, it become commonplace to plate the brass with different materials like chrome and nickel.

Nowadays, people prefer to use raw brass; an uncoated and very well aging form of brass. Brass is the new popular material for stationery addicts. So much so, we partnered with Tools To Liveby to bring you our own collection of handcrafted brass items.

In seeking inspiration for new products, we frequently shop flea markets. We've found a lot of beautiful antique brass items this way, some of which we're planning to reproduce in the near future with own unique twist. Here's some of our favorite brass stationery items. Some of antique items while others are reproductions you can purchase from our store.

Brass Binder Clip Vintage

An old advertisement brass binder clip produced in the 1950's.

Rolling note holder brass

Vintage rolling note holder made of brass. Produced in US in the 1920's.

Brass note holder

Shopping list. Vintage brass card size note holder. Made in UK.

Brass Traveler's Notebook

Brass Traveler's Notebook Cover (this is the first prototype - coming soon!)

Brass Rulermark

Tools To Liveby Brass Rulermark

Galen Leather
Galen Leather


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